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Now’s the time to tend to yourself

Asante Health Promotion’s Show You Grow challenge takes on eight dimensions of wellness.

“Wellness” involves far more than just our physical bodies and emotional well-being. As the pandemic has taught us, how we feel is influenced by a variety of factors, from our work to our finances and interpersonal connections.

“We believe the dimensions of wellness are interdependent,” said Kitty Sallas, a health educator, “This means if they are balanced in harmony we can experience optimal wellness and personal growth. Conversely, if one of these dimensions is suffering, it can affect all the others.”

This philosophy is what led to Show You Grow, a unique employee challenge developed by Asante Health Promotion and Asante’s Wellness Program. Over the course of a year, employees and their covered spouses can work on any or all interdependent dimensions — intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, physical, occupational, financial and environmental — depending on their level of satisfaction with each.

To join the challenge, complete the “Dimensions of Wellness Wheel” in the instructional packet to assess your satisfaction with each of the eight wellness dimensions.

Based on your results, choose which dimension you will focus on improving. For 28 days, which do not have to be consecutive, grow in this dimension.

Once completed, fill out the “Instructions to complete your wheel” section of the tracker to tell Health Promotion how it went. Email your tracker to Asante Health Promotion for an entry into a quarterly prize drawing worth $100.

Participants can begin visiting Asante Health Promotion’s intranet page and clicking on the Dimensions of Wellness tab or click on the button below. No registration is required. Entries are accepted through Dec. 31.

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