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Provider profile: Jenna Diggs, MD

It’s rare to find a primary care doctor who delivers babies, but Ashland now has two of them. This month, APP welcomes Jenna Diggs, MD, an obstetrician and family medicine provider in Ashland.

What do you call a child who was fascinated watching her own vaccinations? Who felt at home among the sick in hospital rooms? Who stared in wonder at the periodic table of elements?

You’d call her a future doctor.

Jenna Diggs, MD, might have been born to medicine — her mother is a nurse and her father a cardiologist — but the drive it took to complete medical school and become an obstetrician and family medicine physician was all her.

Jenna Diggs, MDNow she brings that passion for science and healing to Asante, where she will practice in APP’s family/internal medicine and specialty clinics in Ashland. Dr. Diggs joins fellow OB and family medicine provider Nicole Roth, MD, whom she met while on a fellowship in Tacoma.

Both will practice a mix of family medicine and women’s health (the clinic houses the primary care practice downstairs and the specialty clinic upstairs). They are part of a growing practice of women’s health providers, which include gynecologists, obstetricians and certified nurse midwives.

Dr. Diggs was drawn to family medicine in Ashland in part because the role conjures the spirit of the small town family doctor who forges lifelong relationships with patients and families. She, along with Dr. Roth, are among a minority of family physicians nationally who also deliver babies.

“The most important thing for my patients is for them to feel like they’re a partner in my care,” she said. “They’re the stakeholders in their healthy future.”

She was drawn to obstetrics and women’s health for a different reason.

“I really love the energy and excitement that comes with delivering a baby,” she said. She played competitive volleyball in high school and college and finds parallels to team sports in the delivery room, where nurses, patients, families and others help form an integrated team.

“This is one of the most beautifully dramatic events a person can go through. I feel lucky to witness this monumental occasion in a woman’s life and have the opportunity to guide her through the process.”

Dr. Diggs will round out hospital coverage for labor and delivery. She maintains competency in vaginal deliveries, including VBACs and use of vacuum assistance if needed. She also has comprehensive training in cesarean delivery to ensure utmost safety of mothers and babies. Further, she is skilled in complicated perineal laceration repairs, permanent sterilization, and acute management of hemorrhagic emergencies.

Medicine wasn’t the only career Dr. Diggs considered. At one time she thought of being an international diplomat or professional snowboarder. Today, her travel and athletic pursuits are limited to her off hours. Besides an enduring interest in competitive volleyball, she also attends yoga and barre classes, enjoys hiking outdoors and spends time with her two labrador retrievers.

Dr. Diggs, who learned Spanish studying in Spain and Costa Rica, is accepting patients at 500 Catalina Drive, Ashland. Call (541) 201-4800 to establish care.

Jenna Diggs, MD

Medical degree: University of California, San Diego

Residency: University of California; concentration on procedures and women’s health

Fellowship: Rural medicine and obstetrics, Tacoma General Hospital

  • Family medicine
  • Women’s health
  • Labor and delivery (including cesarean and VBAC)
  • Family planning
  • Sexual health
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