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MyAsanteNET gets an upgrade and a facelift

The site will change to a new platform that offers more functionality and easier updating. Most content will remain, but some, such as the Asante Classifieds, will go away.

Asante’s employee intranet will look a bit different on Sept. 30. That’s the day the site goes live on its new platform, the same platform used for our public website, Asante.org.

ITS and Document Control have worked for months to move thousands of documents from the existing site over to the new platform to ensure that all links remain intact. Nearly 200 department content masters have received training on how to post and maintain information on the new platform.

When myAsanteNET was built, Asante had innovative ideas for our intranet platform that required some custom development work by Asante’s web vendor.  Over the years, the customization that took place to some of the modules (the employee directory, classified ads, daily census data graphs and the online medical library) has limited our ability to stay current and receive the scheduled updates to the myAsanteNET content management system platform. By moving to the new content management system we can stay current with the latest functionality and continue to expand our features in the future.

The new intranet’s layout is similar to the current intranet, but typography and colors now match Asante brand standards. The site’s organization remains the same, with links to our forms, policies, employee directory applications, departmental landing web pages, myHR and more. The hospitals’ cafeteria menus, one of the intranet’s most popular features, will remain on the home page.

The first time you access the updated myAsanteNET site, you may may see a one-time prompt to sign-in. Please use your Asante network login to access.

Some of the custom features built into the old site, however, are incompatible with the new platform and will be going away. These include:

  • The classified ads module.
  • The online medical library. The online web-based forms article and search requests will remain.
  • The physician directory has been replaced with our new MD staff provider directory, which is maintained by the Asante credentialing group.
  • Daily census graphs on the home page (employees who have reporting access in Epic can run census reports).
  • The employee directory remains but the custom-built organization tree that shows who the person reports to will go away.

As a bonus to the upgrade, the search engine will be updated to make it easier to find pages, documents, forms, etc.

Employee Directory

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20 Comments. Leave new

  • Will the employee directory “organization tree” be available anywhere else? We use it every week for looking up who the Manager or Director is for a specific employee, usually related to approvals required for requests.

  • Peggy Lehman RN
    September 25, 2020 10:33 am

    Will the employee classifieds still exist in any form?

    • I am curious about this as well. I have searched everywhere and I have a fellow employee that responded to an add with someone who needed something after the fire. Now we can’t find any contact information.

  • Kristi Franklin
    October 12, 2020 1:50 pm

    Hello Everyone and Thank You for your questions regarding the myAsanteNET Classified Ad’s Application. The Classified Ad application was built specifically for Asante several years ago by our web vendor. Our web vendor does not have a Classified Ad application as part of their core product. In order for us to bring this application back, we will need to pay our web vendor to rebuild this application, so it’s able to integrate into our New Content Management System (CMS) platform. ITS will be looking to see if this is something possibly we could budget for in a phase II enhancement to the myAsanteNET website. In the meantime, we thank you all for your patience…

  • Will we be able to get the Asante Classifieds back ?

  • I used the “organization tree” feature frequently, it was especially helpful when trying to assist a visitor waiting for answers. Will this be reevaluated? Thank you

  • Can we look at other options for a platform for Asante Classifieds? I know it was very useful to have, much safer than craigslist and specific to Asante…. Please Please can we try another platform!
    Thank you

  • I would also like to see the classifieds back.

  • We all loved the classifieds. It was a great way to promote the “community experience” as Asante claims to exemplify.
    Here is an idea. How about charging a fee to the seller as corporate America does. E-bay charges 10% and many others charge a similar fee. It would be great to add a safe way to sell items via the trusted Asante family. Craigslist is not an appropriate avenue at this point due to Covid-19 concerns.

  • I, too, hope classified ads will return.
    Thanks for addressing this!

  • Would like classifieds to come back, good for finding rentals and helping travelers who come to our hospital find a safe place to live. Good for hospital community. We should get this back, it was useful.

  • I also agree that the Asante classifieds is a needed and helpful resource for employees. I hope it is a priority to see the classifieds return.

  • Bring back the Classifieds please!! They are extremely helpful and really missed!

  • The classifieds being discontinued is incredibly frustrating. Please bring them back. So many of us really used that platform.

  • The classifieds were a very useful and secure way to find and sell items. Please find a way to bring them back.

  • Kathleen McCullough
    November 3, 2020 8:28 am

    Oh thank you for looking into bringing the classifieds back. Is there a time line for the possible build of the application?
    Thank you again. We do miss them:)

  • Darn! I wanted to use the Classifieds to sell something! Much safer than selling on CraigsList or Facebook! Would really like the Classifieds option back! This is such a bummer!

  • I agree the classifieds were a great resource for buying and selling. It would be nice to bring them back

  • Cant we please bring back the classifieds,

  • Hello, I use the classified Ads all the time to help new providers relocating to the area rental homes. I really hope you can bring back this platform for communicating rental homes as the Southern Oregon rental market is tight.


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