Wear a mask … and get a flu shot

With just days left to get a shot or submit a declination, we have some catching up to do.


There are just days left in our 2020-2021 flu campaign. This means that by Nov. 30 all Asante employees should have:

  • Completed their annual training via ALEC
  • Received a flu shot at an Asante flu clinic
  • Or received a flu shot at their provider and submitted the attestation form to Employee Health
  • Or submitted a declination form to Asante Employee Health

To date, Asante has vaccinated a little over 4,000 of our almost 6,000 employees. The concerning trend we are seeing is many employees are declining the vaccination for the following reasons: “I only got the flu vaccine because I had to wear a mask…now I have to mask all the time so there is no point;” “I am wearing a mask, so I am protected I do not need the vaccine;” “I never work on campus, so I do not need the vaccine.”

The CDC estimates that in the 2019-2020 flu season there were an estimated 39 million to 56 million flu illnesses, up to 740,000 hospitalizations and as many as 62,000 deaths. In November, the United States hit the grim reality of 10 million COVID-19 cases and roughly 240,000 deaths. Jackson and Josephine counties have seen a 162% increase in COVID-19 cases. Our hospitals are filling up, and with cold and flu season upon us, our capacity hangs in a critical balance.

While nothing is 100% effective, we know the flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent from getting influenza. Asante’s flu vaccine goal remains at 90% and we are encouraging all employees who can regardless of work locations to get vaccinated this year. To sweeten the deal Asante has made the flu vaccine an Asantewide PEAK incentive goal for 2021. Please get vaccinated, do it for yourself, do it for our patients and do it for our community.

To get your shot, please reach out to Employee Health or your leader to get vaccinated. Remember, the process must be completed by Nov. 30.

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