Flu immunization pays in many ways

If 90% of employees get their shot before Nov. 30, they could be eligible for a PEAK bonus at the end of this fiscal year.

flu-iconWe know that getting immunized against influenza protects our patients and ourselves, but this year there’s another reason. As part of the FY21 PEAK incentive program, if 90% of Asante employees get their flu shots they may be eligible for $200 on that measure alone.

Asante has met the 90% goal for the past two years, in part because nonimmunized staff were required to wear a mask for the duration of the season. With masks now a universal requirement due to COVID-19, leaders decided once again to include flu immunization as a PEAK goal. The target was set at 90% because that’s the threshold for herd immunity, a key factor in preventing a flu outbreak. This year’s deadline to be vaccinated or submit an attestation/declination form is Nov. 30. Learn more in these FAQs.

The 2021 PEAK program is different than in years past. Instead of a combination of system and entity or department goals, all measures this year are organization-wide to promote One Asante. Note that Asante must achieve an operation margin of at least 2% for any bonus to be paid next November.

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