Roy Vinyard, executives answer four common questions

What’s happening with Asante, urgent care and more? The interim CEO explains.


Asante executives, directors and managers recently gathered for the quarterly Asante Leadership Forum. Interim CEO Roy Vinyard kicked off the meeting by answering some questions about Asante operations and addressing one persistent rumor.

Is Asante being sold or taken over?
No, Asante is not, nor do we have any plans to be sold or acquired by another health care organization. We are committed to remaining the region’s locally owned and governed health system. Additionally, there is no outside agency that has taken over the responsibility of our financial management.

Will we be opening urgent care locations again?
Yes, we are exploring the best options for Asante to engage with our community in the urgent care setting. We know that urgent care does not solve all the access challenges for our patients; however, it does provide our community with after-hours access as well as an alternative to the long wait times and higher costs of an emergency department visit.

How well is the newly opened immediate care clinic doing in Grants Pass?
Very well so far. Dr. Chris David reports the clinic is seeing about 45 patients per day and the staff is getting patients in for treatment and discharged out the door in about 30 minutes. The ability to incorporate lab work and imaging orders has been very successful.

What is Asante doing to improve delays in MRI scheduling?
This is a key service line we are focusing on to improve access across our health system. The goal is to get at least 25% of people who need an MRI scheduled within 14 days. We are currently at 7%.

Win Howard reports an additional MRI is targeted to be installed at ARRMC in March and we are doing load balancing for imaging across all three hospitals to get patients in sooner for their MRI.

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