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“Mythbusting COVID-19 Vaccines” webinar video

The vaccines now on the market do not have live virus and they don’t change your DNA, but there are some things about them we still don’t know. In this video, Dr. Kirsten Schutte separates fact from fiction.

If you weren’t among the nearly 400 Asante employees who attended one of two live webinars, “Mythbusting COVID-19 Vaccines,” you can watch the presentation in its entirety here.

Kirsten Schutte, MD, an infectious disease physician and medical director of Asante Infection Prevention, walks through the various vaccines now on the market, or are expected to be soon, and explains the science behind them. She also answers question about their safety and efficacy.

To watch the presentation, click on the video link above. You may also download the PowerPoint.

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