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Masking requirement lifted in nonpatient facilities

Masking is still required in all parts of Asante hospitals, clinics and patient care areas.



Asante has continued to review the CDC’s prevalence rate of COVID-19 in Jackson and Josephine counites, which have dropped to a medium level. This gives us the opportunity to look at our masking requirements in buildings where no patient care is provided.

Employees and visitors in Asante facilities such as the Smullin Education Center, Human Resources building, the Contact Center, the Iverson building, the ATRMC and APP administration buildings, Finance and other buildings housing support staff, are no longer required to be masked at all times, including during meetings. In addition, food and beverages may be consumed during meetings in those buildings and the number of participants increased to pre-COVID levels. However, we do think maintaining some physical distancing is a good idea as well as supporting those employees who choose to remain masked.

These relaxed restrictions do not include any parts of Asante hospitals, clinics or other patient care buildings, including rooms where patients are not present. This is in accordance with Oregon law for health care facilities, which is still in effect.

If the levels in either county again rise to the high level, the masking rule will be reinstated in all Asante facilities. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

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