Let’s give a special welcome to our new CEO

Your team can post a welcome video or photo to introduce yourself to Tom Gessel. Deadline has been extended to Oct. 11!
ARRMC ED welcome

Asante’s new President and CEO Tom Gessel arrives on Sept. 18. What better way to introduce ourselves and Asante than with “Welcome, Tom” selfies and videos?

Gather your work team and give a shout-out to Tom. You can hold up a welcome sign, sing a song or just say “Welcome, Tom, [your department’s name] is glad you’re here!” You can submit a photo or a short video. Any message will do as long it complies with our Code of Conduct.

Upload your team’s photo or video to our private Facebook group Asante Social (you’ll be asked to join). For photos only, you can also email to as********@as****.org.

Include as many or as few team members as you like. Just make sure to include the name of your department and facility in the video or your post so Tom knows who you are.

Submissions that come in by Oct. 11 will be included in a special welcome presentation shared with Tom.

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