Have you had your Personalized Wellness Plan visit?

Don’t wait until year’s end to schedule a brief appointment, which helps you save on health care costs.

Asante’s beWell Program employs certified health coaches who live, work and raise families right here in the Rogue Valley alongside you. They know the ropes at Asante, enjoy Pacific Northwest life and are trained to actively listen to you.

During the Personalized Wellness Plan visit, which is a 15- to 20-minute phone or video coaching session, you will gain personalized recommendations or resources to improve your well-being. Because these visits are part of Asante’s Healthy Living Incentive Program, you’ll also get a generous contribution toward your HealthEquity account.

Watch the three-minute video, The Personalized Wellness Plan Explained, to learn more and use this guide to schedule today.

What’s in it for you?

If you are a benefited employee and you complete the new two-step process, you will earn a generous contribution in your HealthEquity account.

Step one is to schedule your Personalized Wellness Plan appointment and complete a healthy lifestyle assessment in MyChart. Completing this assessment before your visit gives your certified health or wellness coach a glimpse into your current lifestyle habits.

Step two is to complete your Personalized Wellness Plan via telephone or video visit. Once completed, please allow up to six weeks to receive your incentive, which will show up as an employer contribution in your HealthEquity account. The amount of the incentive depends on which health plan you have:

  • Asante PPO Health Plan: The employee incentive is $400; $250 for covered spouses.
  • Asante Savings Health Plan: The employee incentive is $325; $200 for covered spouses.
  • Asante Reimbursement Health Plan: The employee incentive is $400; $250 for covered spouses.

What is discussed in the Personalized Wellness Plan visit?

Watch the four-minute video, Be Ready for Your Personalized Wellness Plan Visit, to learn more.

Can adult dependents (age 18 to 26) on my plan earn the incentive?

No, only covered employees and spouses are eligible for the Healthy Living incentive.

Where do I go for my appointment?

This appointment is by telephone or video. If you select the video type upon scheduling, you will need to log into MyChart to complete the e-check-in five minutes before your appointment time. Click the green “start visit” button to connect. Coaches cannot video call you, so you have to remember your appointment and join on time.

If you scheduled a telephone visit, simply wait for a call at your appointment time. Be sure you are in a place without distractions and that your phone number is current in MyChart. Please also be aware of any robocall or spam call filters on your smartphone. Private or unknown callers, including Asante coaching staff, may get blocked as an unrecognized caller and go straight to missed calls or voicemail.

What do I need to do to prepare for the appointment?

You will be prompted to first complete a two-minute Healthy Lifestyle Assessment in MyChart after you schedule your Personalized Wellness Plan visit. The assessment can be found in your MyChart main menu under Questionnaires. Please complete this before the appointment. It is one of two required steps to earn your Health Living Incentive.

Also, complete the MyChart e-check-in five minutes before your appointment time. This streamlines the first few minutes of the brief appointment.

Pro-tip: Make sure your MyChart notifications are turned on if you want an appointment reminder so you won’t forget or miss your appointment. If you can’t find the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment in MyChart, send an email to Asante Health Promotion and ask for the assessment to be sent to your MyChart message inbox. Be sure to include your date of birth in the email.

Does the health assessment I completed on Regence.com count for this?

No. The Regence health assessment, which earns you a $25 Amazon gift code, is separate from Asante’s Healthy Living Incentive Program. The two-minute questionnaire in MyChart helps give your Asante coach a quick look at your lifestyle to best advise you during your appointment. The coaches cannot see your private information from Regence.

If I opt into the wellness programs discussed during my Personalized Wellness Plan visit will I get additional incentive dollars?

No. Additional programs are offered as a benefit to you free of charge, giving you support to improve your well-being. These programs are completely optional, you can use them at any time (or not), based on your readiness to make lifestyle changes. The programs and services have zero obligation and are meant to be supportive and customizable to your needs.

If I completed a Personalized Wellness Plan in 2021 do I need to repeat it in 2022 to earn the incentive?

Yes, if you would like to receive the HealthEquity contribution this year, you will need to complete the two steps again. If you are unsure of when you completed it, log into MyChart, select Visits and review for Health & Wellness Coaching with a 2022 date. If there is one completed during this calendar year, you’re set until 2023.

If you have other questions, please email us at Asante Health Promotion.

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  • LeAnna Dritchas
    September 19, 2022 11:35 am

    Where do I go to check on my benefits earned so far?

  • Sign into your Regence.com portal, once in there scroll half way down to the bottom and click on the empower icon… if you are still stuck you can connect to the HR benefits team and they can help you. They are the team that provides us with our Benefits and our incentives.

  • I completed my personalized wellness plan visit yesterday. The process was simple, easy to navigate, and convenient. The visit ended with a short list of realistic and attainable goals, and I feel set up for success. I appreciate that Asante supports my wellness with these initiatives. Thank you!

  • Lorry Shlitter
    November 14, 2022 5:14 pm

    I think this is what I needed!


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