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Asante PPE Committee

This committee is designed to increase transparency and capture trends or concerns around PPE safety.



Amalia Kieley, director

Registration: Sharlene Stenseth

PT: Jocelyn Sanford; Natalie Chirgwin; Nate Witemberg

Radiology: Melissa Samudio

FBC: Angi (Angela) Lango; Gina Tuggle, RN

System support: Melissa Bellm; Anna Spellman

RT: Moriah Wigg

Med Surg: Laura Leonard, RN; Mae (Lindsey) Barraclough, RN; Laura Sartori, CNA; Shannon Esry, CNA


Bruce Simeona, L

ED: Ryan Jones, L/RN; Victoria McGuffee, F/RN; Kourtney Selee, F/ED Tech

RT: Kelly Angel, L/RT; Carmella Vargas, F/RT

Therapists: Matt McEwan, L/PT; Abbie Galbraith, F/PT

FBC: Amy McHugh, L/RN; Amber Shields, F/RN

Med-Surg: Bella Lucas, L; Lindsay Mclean, L/RN; Brandy Mohar, F/RN; Paisley Meyer, L/RN; Phillip Fernon, F/RN; Michele Ohara, F/RN

Critical Care: Kandas Hensley, L/RN; Audrey Steiner, F/RN; Freyia Blessent, F/RN

NPD: Terra Clinkenbeard, educator/RN; Desiree Torassa, educator/RN

Infection Prevention: Melissa Bellm, L; Renay Carpenter

Employee Health/Urgent Care: Jared Hill, L


Tania Cheng, director

Lab: Sergey Smirnov, supervisor, L

Imaging: Rhonda Loper, supervisor; Duncan McColpin, supervisor; Peter Richard, supervisor; Alt: Jennifer Perry, director, L

RT: Mike Latusick, supervisor, L

ED: Valerie Osborne, supervisor, L

Periop: Marlo Shipman, staff; Melissa Rumfalo, staff; Alt: Christy Noak, supervisor, L

FBC: Christina “Joy” Huston, staff; Alt: Terri Bates-Knippert, interim manager, L

EVS: Paula Brousseau, supervisor, L

Med-Surg: Melanie Lyda, staff; Kylee Vargas, staff

Education: Maureen MacGregor, staff

SPD: Belinda Saites, staff; Alt: Michelle “Micki” Wiley, supervisor, L

Infection Prevention: Julie Stevens, staff

CCU: Ben Edwards, staff

IMCU: Crystal Davis, staff

To Asante Ashland employees, we thank you
Take charge: Find a provider

If you need answers for a personal work matter, please contact the author or department directly instead of leaving a comment.

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