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In Medford, Asante gets its lots in order

The temporary RV park will eventually make way for commercial use.
Vacant Asante lot

If you drive past Asante’s temporary RV park along Barnett Road, you may notice a few new land-use application signs posted for a public hearing to be held Thursday, Feb. 9.

zoning signAs part of Asante’s stewardship of our land assets, the Real Estate Department is working on some needed land-use modifications to the 15 acres we own across the street from the Heiman Cancer Center.

Asante is seeking to revise the land uses that were originally approved in 2006 through a planned unit development application. It would restore zoning to be consistent with the City of Medford’s comprehensive land-use plan.

If the application is approved, Asante will swap the parcels zoned for commercial use to Barnett Road frontage. The residential parcels will be at the rear, fronting Asante Court and State Street.

“Holding public hearings and doing the land-use revision now will set us up for future project development when the time is right,” said Eileen Hallquist, director of Real Estate. “It’s the initial step in a very long process to prepare the parcels for future medical and apartment buildings, as envisioned in our 10-year plan.”

As for the temporary RV park, current residents are in the process of moving out by the end of February  when our city permit expires. The RV sites were originally created by Asante as a temporary resource to help employees who were displaced by the Almeda and Obenchain fires in 2020.

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