Telesitter pilot goes live in March at ARRMC

Robots with two-way video capability offer extra support for patient safety.


telesitterWe are excited to announce that ARRMC will begin using AvaSure platform to implement a telesitter program. This includes new telemedicine robots with two-way audio and one-way video functionality, allowing a patient safety monitor to visualize and provide verbal support to up to 12 patients with high safety risks at one time.

This care model and technology has been successful in many other health systems. It helps create a safer environment for patients while allowing patient-safety monitors to be redeployed to direct patient care.

The pilot program rolls out March 15 and 16 in Med/Surg, Critical Care, ED, Pediatrics and the Behavioral Health Unit. The technology enhances patient care, but does not replace staff members. PSMs will still be used to monitor cameras at ARRMC and patients at risk of suicide will continue to have a sitter.

Education has already begun. It includes ALEC modules, in-person classes, virtual training and department in-services.

Representatives from AvaSure will be on campus March 7–16 to demonstrate the technology and answer questions. If you have questions, reach out to Rob Koning or Sarah Roberts.

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