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When cleaning rooms, those little dots are a big deal

Using an evidence-based system, Asante’s cleaning audits exceed the national average.


Ecolab is an industry leader in offering hospital cleaning programs designed to follow best practice in accordance with CDC guidelines. Since 2015 Asante has partnered with the company to provide education to staff and a monitoring program for leadership.

Environmental Services staff are trained in standardized disinfection processes based on the latest industry standards. Consistency in room cleaning promotes the same high-level process in every room, providing a safe environment for our patients and community.

The cleaning process is followed up with Ecolab’s Dazo Monitoring System. The Dazo monitoring system focuses on 23 high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs and handles, door surfaces, light switches, sinks, counter-tops, bedrails and medical equipment.

Clear dots, detectable only by black light, are placed on these surfaces by an EVS-trained auditor before a room is cleaned. After cleaning, a black light is used to see if the high-touch surfaces were adequately disinfected.

While the CDC recommends an 80% audit compliance, Asante has experienced a greater than 90% compliance rate for eight years.

eco lab


In recent months, Perioperative Services has partnered with Support Services to expand the same Ecolab cleaning and Dazo monitoring program to all operating room suites in the Asante system.

The high-touch surfaces are different in the operating room environment, but the concepts of the program are the same. The operating room program, however, adds another layer of training and cleaning audits between surgeries.

Surgical services staff are trained to standardize room turnovers between surgical cases and are followed up by the same Dazo dot audit process. Like the inpatient program, the perioperative audit data will be gathered and reviewed for trends in our surgery suites.


Eco Lab


Because of the collaboration between Infection Prevention, Support Services, and unit staff and leadership, the Ecolab program has proven to be a great example of a multidisciplinary team working together across the system to provide quality care and a safe environment for patients.

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