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Asante classifieds make a comeback

Almost three years after it was discontinued the popular employee perk has returned.


Asante classifieds, where employees could sell everything from chickens to a house, has returned to myAsanteNET after a nearly three-year absence. The revived classifieds are scaled back from their original form — the page currently can’t accept photos — but that functionality is expected to be added in the near future.

The classifieds are managed by Asante Information Technology Services, which offers a self-service web form that allows users to upload their ad, which will appear for 30 days. All ads are reviewed and approved by the myAsanteNET administrator before posting.

To post an ad or view what’s available, look for the classifieds ad panel on myAsanteNET’s Communication and News page. The link also appears in each issue of Asante News. Please note, however, that the newsletter does not oversee any aspect of the classifieds. Instead, direct questions to myAsanteNET’s system administrator. If you’re reading on a mobile device, you must be logged into the Asante network to access the module.

The revived module went live on May 15. The employee classifieds were discontinued in September 2020 when myAsanteNET moved to a new platform. However, demand for their return persisted in the intervening months.

“Over the past few years, we’ve received dozens of requests to bring back the employee classifieds,” said Kristi Franklin, who oversees the myAsanteNET classified ads module. “So when the opportunity came available for us to bring back a functional module to the website, our team wholeheartedly endorsed the idea.”

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  • It would be nice if we could attach pictures when posting an ad

    • Kristi Franklin
      May 22, 2023 12:02 pm

      Hi Mike,
      I didn’t know if you saw in the news article that adding a picture is a function that will be available in the near future. Actually we can add a photo today, but it is a little cumbersome for employees to submit. We’re waiting for our web vendor to add the functionality to the web-based form so end users can attach an image. I hope your find this information helpful. Thanks for your comments.


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