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Who collected $100 million? These guys

Asante Revenue Cycle broke a record in March when it collected $100.6 million for the health system.

March was an historic month for Asante when the Revenue Cycle collected $100.6 million for the first time in the system’s history.

The Revenue Cycle team is responsible for all administrative functions that contribute to the capture, management and collection of net patient service revenue, including scheduling of select visits, securing authorization, financial clearance, patient financial advocacy, charge capture, coding and billing and follow-up of claims.

“Revenue cycle management begins as soon as a patient has an appointment for medical services and ends once the claim is paid in entirety,” said Kaleigh Stetler, director.

The Revenue Cycle has undergone a significant transformation over the past year, with a heavy focus on denial-prevention opportunities, increased point-of-service collections and process improvement to ensure that a claim is billed out quickly and cleanly to expedite payment.

“The performance in March is a direct result of the efforts of every single member of this fantastic team and their commitment to Asante’s financial recovery,” Stetler said.

She added that dozens of teams contributed to this success, including Pre-Service, Patient Registration, Revenue Integrity and Coding, Patient Financial Services, Provider Patient Financial Services and Revenue Cycle Process Improvement.

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