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Welcome to the new Asante News!

Asante News now lives on the web, where news is real-time and mobile-friendly. Learn about the site’s features and read the frequently asked questions.

You may have noticed that things look different in this newsletter. That’s because Asante News now lives on the web. Think of it as Asante employees’ digital front door.

Asante News online contains many of your favorite features, but with a lot more advantages:

  • The content is mobile-friendly, so you can read it on your smartphone or tablet.
  • You can comment on posts or share them to your social media pages.
  • New material is posted several times a week, then compiled and sent via the newsletter every Tuesday.
  • The site contains content from across the system and other Asante newsletters, including APPChat, which is sent to Asante Physician Partners employees; AACH Employee News; and, soon, Medical Staff News, which goes to providers with privileges at any Asante hospital.

The web site is the result of a survey Asante Communications and Marketing  conducted earlier this year, which asked how employees wanted to receive news about Asante. More than 2,000 employees responded.

“While office workers preferred to receive information about Asante through email, most employees working on the floors wanted news on their phones,” said Kimberly Schauer, director of Communications and Marketing. “Based on this, we’ve created a web-based news site that can be easily accessed and read on any mobile device.”

Questions? We’ve got answers

Why do some links require a login? Links with a lock symbol  indicate they are privacy-protected or posted within the Asante network. If you’re at your Asante workstation, no login is required. If you’re reading on your phone, however, the links may appear broken or in some cases will require Duo authentication.

Are there restrictions on what articles I can share? Employees are expected to follow Asante’s social media policy and refrain from sharing anything that would compromise a patient’s or employee’s privacy.

Will I still get Asante News? The newsletter will continue to publish weekly, although the links now go to online posts instead of pdfs. The newsletter will still be sent to your Asante email address, so if you want to access it at home, make sure to hit the Subscribe button to add your personal email address.

Can I print stories? Yes, the site’s layout is responsive. From your desktop or laptop, simply right-click on an article and choose Print from the pulldown menu.

How do I find past articles? To look for stories, type a keyword into the search bar on the upper right corner of the site. Asante News articles published before the site was launched on July 6, 2020, can be found in the Archives section on the site.

Where can I find the VIAs and employee anniversaries? Scroll to the Employee section and you’ll find the most recent VIAs and Asanteversaries. To protect employees’ privacy, these pages require Duo authentication if you’re reading from outside the network.

Where are the classified ads? Classifieds are administered by the ITS department and can be found on myAsanteNET. You need to be logged into the Asante system to access classifieds.

Who manages the site? Asante Communications and Marketing maintains the site. Content is supplied by employees and departments from throughout the system.

Can I request an item to be posted on the site? The site has an interactive form where you can upload your content and images. To find the form, hover your cursor over About in the top navigation bar, then choose Submit Content. You’ll find instructions and a submission guide. (All material posted on the site will be edited for clarity and in accordance with Asante’s editorial style guide.)

Can I just send you a pdf to post? This site avoids pdfs for lots of reasons (they can’t be altered and the keywords aren’t searchable). It’s better to send us a Word version and we’ll convert to a web article.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].

Asante News video tour
Asante News video tour

How it’s organized

The site contains categories for easy navigation:

  • The top stories contain the  news of the day. These will be updated frequently, so bookmark this site!
  • The Growth category is where you’ll find information about capital projects, such as ARRMC’s pavilion and ATRMC’s ED expansion.
  • Under Wellness, employees can learn about fitness challenges, nutrition videos and other offerings from Asante Health Promotion.
  • The Employees section features news and resources about benefits, VIAs, anniversaries, policies,  your co-workers and more.
  • Under Community, you’ll see news sorted by geography as well as community events.
  • Clinical Care articles include news for hospital bedside caregivers, APP providers and other information related to patient care.
  • In the News is where you’ll find Asante featured in local and national media.
  • Innovation is category for all Asante’s technology advancements and information security.
  • Archives contain all Asante News stories going back to 2015.

You can search these categories through the pulldown menu at the top of the page. Or, if you want to search by topic, use the search bar or click on the Tags featured in the right column.

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Asante News Online FAQs
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