The faces behind Asante News

More employees than ever are reading the newsletter, thanks to our growing “news crew.”


It can be a challenge to keep a workforce of nearly 6,000 employees informed, especially when many of those employees are working on the floors instead of at a computer. So when Asante News — the organization’s only systemwide employee newsletter — went fully digital in late 2017, it wasn’t a surprise that the top story received a meager 286 clicks.

Fast-forward five years and it’s clear that the newsletter’s scope and reach have grown dramatically. In 2022, the year’s top story exceeded 5,700 newsletter clicks (and still more on the web version), and the 15 most-read stories of the year got a combined 55,000 reads, according to data from our email vendor.

For this, we can credit our “citizen journalists” who are helping to keep Asante employees informed through the newsletter, the internal blog and Asante NewsBreak, a printed one-sheet posted on staff bulletin boards.

Asante NewsContributors come from all across the system:

  • HR’s Nathan Doshier shares the latest Asante benefits every week.
  • Karen McMillen from ITS keeps us informed of cyberthreats.
  • Health Promotion’s Tessa Hulse and Alisia Cook, along with APP’s Kitty Sallas and Shea Quinn, among others, created the fun Preventing Snaccidents videos, wellness webinars and articles on Health Promotion’s fitness challenges.
  • ITS’s Yvonne Padilla, a gifted writer, also discovered some talented essayists, including ITS Service Desk supervisor Genevieve Predmore. These and other contributors are behind the personal articles on belonging, inclusion, diversity and equity (ABIDE).
  • Barry Egener, MD, and Jennifer Nidalmia from the Asante Wellbeing Program are frequent contributors, writing about wellness, resilience and wellbeing topics.
  • Finally, STAT, the bedside caregiver section, is a team effort with contributions from clinical staff Holly Nickerson, Amanda Kotler, Desiree Torassa, Angela Kasprzak, Chris Jostad, Anne Hansen and Performance Improvement’s Sadie Spicer among others.

News BreakThese and many other contributors are busy people with demanding jobs far removed from newsletter writing. Yet their unique expertise and talent not only helped the newsletter and blog earn national awards, they’re keeping Asante’s workforce informed, engaged and inspired.

Asante News, published through Communications and Marketing, welcomes contributions from anyone with a story to tell or news to share. Download the submission guide and be on the lookout for a reader survey in the coming months.

If you work in our hospitals and rarely check your email, ask your manager to post the weekly summary, Asante NewsBreak, in your department’s break room.

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