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Pulse survey arrives in employee inboxes

Timely feedback is needed, so make sure to respond by Nov. 15.

micropulse survey

The first quarterly “micropulse” survey was sent to Asante employees and employed providers recently to gauge opinions on Asante leadership and the organization as a whole. As shared earlier, these quick surveys do not drill down to the department level, but they do identify general job satisfaction and allow Asante to respond quickly to trends.

With recruiting and retention one of Asante’s top priorities this year, participation in these surveys is vital, according to HR leaders. Surveys should be complete by Nov. 15. The 2023 Balanced Scorecard includes employee engagement as one of its key measures.

The survey asks respondents to share their opinions on 10 themes:

  • I would stay with this organization if offered a similar position elsewhere.
  • I am proud to tell people I work for this organization.
  • I would like to be working at this organization three years from now.
  • Overall, I am a satisfied employee.
  • I would recommend this organization to family and friends who need care.
  • I would recommend this organization as a good place to work.
  • The person I report to treats me with respect.
  • I am involved in decisions that affect my work.
  • I respect the abilities of the person to whom I report.
  • The person I report to is a good communicator.

“When we completed the Employee Engagement Survey in fall of 2021, we were not surprised to see our scores drop, along with the rest of the health care industry,” said Robert Begg, vice president of HR. “The stress of the pandemic and the difficulty in recruiting staff during the current labor market have taken their toll. The Asante leadership team is committed to focusing our efforts on the areas that will help us improve our culture overall and reaffirm our commitment to Asante’s Mission, Vision and Values.”

If you have any questions about the survey, email Sean Pfister or call (541) 789-1461.

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