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Prove You Move Challenge now year around

Take part in a community event or challenge yourself to a 5K and be entered to win prizes.

Asante Health Promotion’s popular  Prove You Move Challenge will now take place all year, meaning no more seasonal deadlines. Participants can take part in community events and report back with “proof they moved” anytime before Dec. 31.

“Moving our bodies in fun and enjoyable ways is the best way to exercise,” says Kitty Sallas, an Asante health educator. “The Prove You Move Challenge is designed to add incentive for extra physical activity.”

Asante’s employees and spouses are invited to participate in this year-around outdoor activity challenge. The goal is to continue moving no matter what the weather has in store, moving above and beyond daily routine activity and exploring options for movement that aligns with many unique individual lifestyles. The Prove You Move Challenge also encourages engagement with community events that take place in or near the Rogue Valley, such as hiking, biking, running, marathons and triathlon events.

How to prove you move

If it’s a hike, snap a pic near the trailhead marker or at the summit. If it’s a run or walk, send a screenshot of your app’s run summary. If it’s a bike ride, send us a screenshot of your ride summary from a bike app. If it’s a community event, you can find your finish time on the website and send us a screenshot or send a selfie showing your bib number. You can do as many activities as you like; however, the qualifying minimum distance is 5K (about three miles).

What doesn’t count

Daily Fitbit step totals, normal gym workouts or indoor stationary machine activities do not qualify for the challenge. The point is to get outside, moving and connecting with nature — above and beyond your regular routine. The goal is to reach 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. Science has proven this amount and intensity is what leads to the best benefits for our health.

No registration is required. There is no limit on entries; the more you move and prove it, the better your chances to win a $100 Tango gift card, drawn quarterly for each campus (AACH, ARRMC, ATRMC) throughout the year. Send qualifying entries to Health Promotion. There’s never been a better time to go outside and breathe in some fresh air.

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