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PEAK results for second quarter hold steady

We’re doing well on our operating margin and APP access to care, but missed the target for flu immunization.


The Productive Employees Achieving Key Goals (PEAK) program results have been calculated for the second quarter of fiscal year 2021, which ended in March. More than 5,500 Asante employees are eligible for the PEAK program.

You’ll recall that this year we moved to Asante-wide PEAK measures. These will account for 100% of the PEAK program measures, which are designed to encourage employees across the system to work together to improve our performance.

Results from the second quarter largely mirror those from Q1, with a strong operating margin and achievement in patients’ perception of access to our APP clinics. Performance in inpatient experience and employee flu immunization fell short of our goal, however.

Provide the highest quality services
  • Inpatient experience: We continue to focus on patient experience using several domains of care. We missed the goal of 73.9% top box score with a result of 72.6% for the second quarter. Top box scores reflect the percentage of patients who give nines and 10s as their response to the survey.
Maintain a healthy workforce and community
  • Flu vaccinations: To avoid a potential “twindemic” of influenza and COVID-19, Asante continued to encourage all employees to get a flu shot. Unfortunately, adherence reached just 80.5% by the end of the quarter, well below the 90% target.
Provide accessible services
  • Consumer perception of access (APP): With first-quarter results of 66.7% of APP patients rating us in the top box, we are ahead of our goal of 66.1%. Continued work in the clinics and increased use of technology such as telemedicine and MyChart has added to these positive results.
  • Operating margin: To ensure we’re working efficiently, Asante’s operating margin remains one of our performance measures. We are running at 3.8% for our operating margin in the first quarter, well above the 2% minimum goal. Like FY2020, Asante’s Balanced Scorecard set a target of at least a 3% operating margin. We want to honor our everyday work that helps to reduce waste and expenses and keeps us financially sound. So, we’ll maintain the lowered goal for operating margin for the 2021 PEAK program to 2%. The difference being that Asante must meet the 2% operating margin for any PEAK award to be paid out at year’s end.
Build Asante’s team of the future
  • Employee Engagement Survey: Following last year’s model, a PEAK incentive continues to be tied to the response rate on the annual Employee Engagement Survey. The more employees who complete the survey — which will be sent out in June — the better the odds of meeting our target of 80% participation or higher. We need to hear your concerns in addition to what we’re doing well. When you see more information in the spring about the survey, be sure to encourage your co-workers to make their voices heard.
To be eligible for PEAK:
  • An employee must be classified as regular full-time, regular part-time or flexible employee for at least one full fiscal quarter (hire date no later than July 1, 2021) and be employed at the time of the incentive payout.
  • Full-time, part-time and flexible status is determined based on employee status as of Sept. 30 of the plan year.
  • Regular full-time eligible employees receive 100% of the award.
  • Regular part-time eligible employees receive 75% of the award.
  • Flexible eligible workers who work at least four hours throughout the fiscal year receive 50% of the award.
  • The first written corrective action an employee receives during the fiscal year will reduce the overall award amount by 40%.
  • Each additional written corrective action an employee receives during the fiscal year will reduce the award by an additional 20%.
  • PEAK achievements are tracked throughout the year but are based on annual targets and paid annually.
  • Employees participating in other Asante incentive programs are not eligible to participate, including but not limited to: executives, directors, managers, physicians and advanced practitioners.
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