FAQs: Working in Workfront

Communications and Marketing now has a new platform for submitting requests for communications and marketing materials.
Why did Communications and Marketing move to the Workfront platform?

As shared in Asante News, Asante has grown as an organization, and the department needs a job-management system that can scale to accommodate the increased volumes, track projects in real time and measure the resources applied to each job.

What if I need something from Communications and Marketing?

You would put in a request through Workfront, the department’s new job-tracking platform. The team will review the request and determine if it aligns with Asante’s strategic or operational goals.

Can anyone make a request?

Only authorized users can submit requests within Workfront. This is similar to ordering supplies through the Infor system, which is open to a select group of users.

How do I get authorized?

You will need to talk to your department’s manager or director to get a designation. With your manager’s approval, you can request a user license here. Most departments will have a single authorized user, but some larger departments may have more than one. Users will receive their own login and training in the system. We’ve also created a step-by-step guide for submitting requests.

What if I am not an authorized requester, but I still need marketing support?

Find out who your department’s designated user is. Note that all marketing requests must be approved by a manager or supervisor. Communications and Marketing cannot accept requests from employees without their department’s authorization.

Can I just request something by emailing a marketing consultant?

You can, but you likely will be directed to back to Workfront to submit a request form. This way, Communications and Marketing can track and manage all projects that come through. If your consultant has to be away due to an emergency, for example, another consultant can step in and help complete your project.

How will I know if my request was approved or not?

You will get a notification from no***********@my*********.com.

Why didn’t my request get approved?

Communications and Marketing supports Asante’s strategies and goals. However, not all requests require our services. Internal flyers, copying services, forms and other materials that can be acquired or produced elsewhere may not be accepted.

Why does the request form require a cost code?

Communication and Marketing does bear some costs for projects, but others are billed to the department. Including the cost code on the form saves the consultants from having to go back to the requester if charges are required.

What happens after my request is approved?

The Communications and Marketing team will communicate with you through the Workfront system. You will receive email notifications, proofs of your project and more from Workfront.

How can I make changes to a proof?

You’ll be able to do that within Workfront as well. When you receive a proof of, say, a flyer, you can comment, edit and mark up text within the document. Everyone involved in your project will be able to see its status and revisions in real-time.

Do I have to make a formal request if I just need something small, like a PowerPoint template?

Communications and Marketing has a self-service brand portal, which allows you to download Asante-approved templates, such as PowerPoint slides, letterhead, Asante logos and more. You do not need special permission to access this site. Visit asante.org/brand to access.


Visit Communications and Marketing’s brand portal to download Asante-approved materials such as:

  • Asante logos
  • Asante letterhead, fax forms, meeting minutes and memo templates (Microsoft Word)
  • Branded PowerPoint templates
  • Asante-branded backgrounds for video conferences
  • Asante’s editorial style guide

You can also learn about the Asante brand in the overview section.

Go to the brand portal »
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