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SnapSHOT: Employees capture the moment they got their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

Asante employees are rolling up their sleeves to help combat the spread of COVID-19. So far, half of the system’s workforce has received the vaccine.
Pediatric hospitalist Anna Antonopulos got the vaccine because "I trust the science. I was so excited to get my vaccine."
As a hospitalist, Erin Brender considered getting the COVID-19 vaccine "a celebration."
An ICU nurse at ARRMC, Tamara Carluccio got the vaccine.
Berl Gilworth, speech-language pathologist.
Kristin Moline, a nurse in ARRMC's Short Stay Unit, got her vaccination along with other frontline workers.
As a hematologist/oncologist, Dr. Mujahid Rizvi wants to protect his at-risk patients from COVID-19.
Nurse April Rosenthal not only works in an APP practice in Ashland, she mans the COVID-19 hotline.
Dr. Courtney Wilson, an emergency physician at ARRMC, is a public advocate of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Katelyn Alleson, a pharmacy tech at ARRMC, got some COVID-19 protection with her ink.
AACH volunteer Rosa Ramos gets support from her therapy dog Lulu.
DeVonna Nascimento, right, a nurse with APP–Family Medicine in Ashland, and sister Donica got their vaccination together in February.
Wendy Schilling, MD, walks the talk for APP in Ashland.

So far, Asante’s COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Medford and Grants Pass have administered almost 18,000  doses of the Pfizer vaccine. About half of Asante’s employees have gotten the vaccine so far.

“The goal is 100%,” said Jamie Grebosky, MD, chief medical officer. “We’re doing everything we can to encourage our employees and the community to get the vaccine.”

Shortages have delayed new appointments for employees, but they are expected to resolve over the next few months. Asante employees and medical staff members are among nearly 33,000 people in the region — including those who attended mass vaccination clinics — to receive their first doses. Before the mass events, Oregon ranked 48th out of 50 states for vaccine distribution. Working together, Asante and local public health departments have pushed Oregon’s COVID-19 immunizations into the  top 15 in the country for “getting shots into arms.”

A second mass vaccination clinic was scheduled for nearly 11,000 people in Jackson and Josephine counties who are ready to receive their second dose.  Meanwhile, future mass first-dose events are on hold while the counties await more vaccine supplies. Once those are received, first-dose vaccinations will reopen to eligible recipients, including Asante employees who have not received a first dose. When new supplies arrive, employees are encouraged to schedule an appointment at an Asante vaccine clinic through their MyChart account.

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