In deep appreciation of health care’s unsung heroes

Just like bedside caregivers, campus security officers deal with people at their most vulnerable. For Security Officer Appreciation Week, Asante thanks them.

ARRMC security officers, back row from left: James Anderson, Blaine Johnson, Tony Pinon, Julie Hale, Chris Jones, Craig Plumondore, Jason Libby, Dominic Berlet. Front row: James Edwards, Brent Edwards, John Vermillion, Mack Yager, Parker Taylor, Nick Bolen, Marissa Forman, Trevor Whitted, Mark Hogquist, David Spradling, Mike Munson and Robert Fries. Not pictured: Frank Nicholson, Phil Cox, Tim Reeder, Garrett Wasson, Lamona Woodard, Sean Hall and Josh Kniespeck.

Security in a health care facility is unlike any other type of security. Officers deal with situations involving domestic abuse, people who need psychiatric assistance, people suffering from grief and despair, people under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and people who are violent and dangerous.

It is their job to help provide a safe environment for all staff, patients, and visitors. In doing so, they must be ready for anything that walks in that door.

“Every day our officers step up and do what needs to be done,” says Tony Pinon, manager of Security at ARRMC. This includes helping to de-escalate and restrain people who are resolute in harming themselves or others. Or, as Pinion himself can attest, talking someone off the ledge.

The work is not for the faint of heart or mind. “Officers must be thick-skinned and understand that people may spit on them, try to hit them, bite them, or worse,” Pinon adds.

In recognition of Security Officer Appreciation Week, Asante thanks these officers — and those serving on other campuses — for their brave work. Not only are they consistently professional and respectful, they maintain their compassion in difficult circumstances.

“We are very proud of our security officers,” Pinon says, “We appreciate what they do every day!”

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