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How have the past two years made you stronger?

Share your story and be entered to win a $25 Tango card.

It has been said that those who arrive at the end of the journey are not those who began. It may be too soon to celebrate the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. New variants will emerge and more surges may come. But we do know that events of the past two years — from the pandemic that tested us to the core, to the wildfires that consumed our neighborhoods and even our homes — have changed us.

We have emerged stronger. Like any epic journey, the lessons learned and the wisdom gained may be apparent only in retrospect. Last week, CEO Scott Kelly shared how the challenges Asante has faced have strengthened its resolve to continue its Vision and Mission.

As Asante begins its recovery, we want to share insights and personal stories from employees. Whether you served on the front lines or worked behind the scenes, what have you learned about yourself over the past two years? What lessons will remain with you? What made you stronger?

For the next two weeks, Asante News is gathering stories from employees to share in an upcoming article. We want to know:

  1. What have you learned over the past two years? (Can be about yourself, your coworkers, your boss, etc.)
  2. How have you changed personally?
  3. Besides your family, what made you stronger?

You can submit your answers (and pictures, if you’d like) to [email protected] Don’t forget to include your name, job title, department/unit and facility.

All submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Tango e-card, which can be redeemed at participating online stores. The deadline to submit your answers is April 22.

“If COVID-19 has taught us anything,” said Scott Kelly, Asante president and CEO, “it’s that we are stronger together, working as a team to overcome the challenges before us.”

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If you need answers for a personal work matter, please contact the author or department directly instead of leaving a comment.

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  • Nadine Marchese
    April 19, 2022 12:53 pm

    In the last 2 years with Covid, I have become more aware of wearing a mask not only at work but also in public as it just became a habit for me like putting on my lipstick daily. Even though my lips wear hidden, it made me feel better and I also learned that you can smile with your eyes.


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