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EDD work reaches another milestone

Estimate date of discharge in Epic now includes phase one milestones.


We are excited that Asante’s work with the estimated date of discharge (EDD) continues to evolve. The journey we are on is filled with tactics that lead us to more efficient and effective capacity management planning. Discharge milestones, in conjunction with discharge delays and EDD, serve as a communication tool for the interdisciplinary care team and TAC on the patient’s readiness to leave our facility.

On May 11, the EDD entry went live in Epic. Since then the workgroup, with guidance from our vice presidents of Medical Affairs and executive sponsor, have established the phase one milestones that went live on Aug. 9.

Phase one milestones are a culmination of things that apply to most adult patients and are important to have completed prior to discharge. Milestones are key indicators for a patient’s readiness for discharge, but do not replace clinical judgment or critical thinking. The completion of milestones is not a barrier to discharging the patient.

With an accurate reflection of the EDD in the patient chart, the care team can plan and take action to meet this goal. One way to do this is by capturing milestones that the patient should meet to have a successful discharge. Instead of waiting until just before discharge, capturing and documenting milestones can set the patient up proactively for discharge, which can more efficiently open a bed for another patient who is waiting.

In Epic, the discharge planning activity captures the EDD, milestones and delays and serves as a centralized communication hub for all care team members to connect about discharge. This area of the chart can connect teams and align understanding between care members.

When used consistently, this communication has the potential to reduce unnecessary Halo messages and possible confusion between care team members. Milestones are set up to be added automatically based on orders or other criteria, but they can also be added manually.

This important work does not come without challenges. Teams continue to solidify the various metrics and reporting structures to capture success and opportunity. Leaders, house supervisors, TAC and charge nurses can view some EDD metrics captured in real time on several Epic dashboards such as the capacity dashboard, nurse leader dashboard and bed huddle dashboards. The work to integrate EDD into daily conversation and bed planning continues to evolve.

You make a difference when you engage with the patient and care team to effectively and efficiently discharge our patients. The EDD, milestones and delays are tools to help you achieve this important work.


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