Goodbye, Kronos. Hello, myAsanteTime

The timekeeping system is getting a new name, new web page and new contact addresses.

myAsanteTimeThe logo and name for Asante’s scheduling and timekeeping system will look different on Feb. 8, along with some other changes. “Kronos” is being replaced by “myAsanteTime,” a name that will carry forward regardless of which vendor Asante uses in the future.

The functionality remains the same, but all identifiers will now use the myAsanteTime name. These include:

  • The link in the Web-Based Apps folder.
  • The former Kronos intranet page on myAsanteNET, along with links to subpages.
  • Links from myHR and Asante.org’s employee page.

Importantly, email addresses for administration and support teams are changing, effective Feb. 8.

Original address New address
Kr***********@As****.org my**********@As****.org
Kr**************@As****.org my********************@As****.org
Kr**************@As****.org my********************@As****.org
Kr**********@As****.org my****************@As****.org
Kr************@As****.org my******************@As****.org

The new name will also be phased in for ALEC/HealthStream learning modules and ServiceNow support tickets.

The former Kronos intranet page will be streamlined for easier use. A single resource page will house all the job aids and FAQ pages built when Kronos was introduced in 2017. The job aids and other content will be updated accordingly with the new name and revised processes.

The name change comes after Kronos merged with another company and adopted a new logo and name, Ultimate Kronos Group. Rather than rebrand future iterations of the service, Asante leaders decided to go with an Asante-branded timekeeping and scheduling system. It follows similar internal branding, including myAsanteNET, myHR and myTECH.

Don’t forget

Update any Outlook mail-forwarding rules to the new myAsanteTime email addresses.

Replace any Kronos desktop shortcuts or internet browser favorites to the new myAsanteTime URLs, including those on your home computers.

Questions? Email Kr***********@As****.org before Feb. 7 or my**********@As****.org afterward.

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If you have a question, please contact the author or relevant department directly.

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  • Jennifer Bolanos
    January 31, 2023 6:58 am

    Are the kronos devices still going to work? If so can we get some in the cancer center?

    • Yes, the timeclocks will still work with the system. Your manager can request a timeclock for your location by emailing my**********@As****.org. Our Admin Team can send him/her the information for costs and next steps.

      Thank you,
      myAsanteTime Admin Team

  • Will the new “myAsanteTime” be easy to read? Because it’s incredible challenging to make heads or tails of times currently through Kronos

  • Landon,
    The system itself isn’t changing, other than the name and logo. If you haven’t already, please refer to the Staff Job Aids on the ‘Resource Page’ on myAsanteNet. They might help with understanding the screens you’re viewing. If you have other questions, feel free to email my**********@As****.org.

    Thank you,
    myAsanteTime Admin Team


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