Free legal services offered to employees affected by fires

Legal documents can be long and complex. MetLife Legal Plans will connect you with a local legal office to review them for free as part of its disaster relief program.

Full- and part-time employees affected by the wildfires can now get free legal services through MetLife Legal Plans, an Asante benefits provider. Disaster relief is available regardless of whether the employee elected MetLife Legal (formerly Hyatt Legal) as a benefit.

Representatives will review legal documents, insurance claims and other paperwork. Eligible employees should call (800) 821-6400 and:

  • Identify yourself as an Asante employee
  • State that you’re participating in the disaster relief program
  • Provide your Asante employee ID number or the last four digits of your Social Security number

You’ll receive a case number and information on in-network local legal resources you can contact.

“We are happy to provide our displaced employees with free legal services,” said Kristen Roy, Asante’s general counsel. “We recognize the stress that our employees are facing during this time. The last thing we want our employees to be dealing with right now is reviewing complex legal documents (often hundreds of pages) and ongoing battles with insurance companies. We offer this as a resource to hopefully help ease that burden and provide additional support.”

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Updated: For employees affected by the fires, help is here

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