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Employee Voice Survey: What the results tell us

Communication, resources and leader visibility emerged as common themes.
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Results of the 2023 Employee Voice Survey are in, and some common themes have emerged. Employees want more communication, more resources, greater visibility from leaders and a say in the decisions that affect them.

Nearly 5,000 employees took the Press Ganey survey in August, which included three open-ended questions (two for the entire workforce and one for employees working remotely).


On one open-ended question, employees were asked how their department and Asante could improve. The most common comments included:

  • Better workplace communication, teamwork and accountability.
  • More resources, specifically staffing.
  • More visibility and support from senior leaders.

Asked to describe their overall experience working for Asante, 63% of employees viewed it as positive. They cited:

  • Teamwork.
  • Overall sense of happiness.
  • Positive changes in the manager/supervisor ranks.

Rogue Regional Medical Center’s Chief Executive Officer Win Howard presented the findings at the recent Asante Leadership Forum, along with some comments from respondents.

“Improvement on transparency and consistency of processes, especially when changes are made, would improve communication and collaboration,” wrote one employee.

“Continue to listen to the feedback of employees and give them opportunities to be engaged with how Asante moves forward,” another stated.

“I am really happy to be working for Asante,” one employee wrote. “I feel Asante provides very high-quality care to patients and I am really proud to be part of that.”

Asante’s overall engagement score came in a 3.95, which exceeded the target of 3.90. The score put Asante in the 38th percentile of Press Ganey surveys, which poll 1.6 million employees nationwide. That’s above Asante’s lowest ranking in 2021 (21st percentile) but far below the pre-pandemic peak of 84th percentile.

“We have a six-year track record of really good performance,” Howard said. “That’s what we need to get back to.”

The engagement score for remote workers — 4.14 — was higher than for the rest of the organization and 13 points higher than the national average. Those respondents like the flexibility of remote work, but would also like more opportunity to connect with their peers.

Leaders are already reviewing the over 3,000 comments from the survey, which Howard called “golden nuggets of information.”

Employees can expect more regular staff meetings, one-on-one meetings with their direct supervisor and more entity town halls.

Leaders will share their department’s survey results later this year.


1. Leaders will share results with their teams in November and December.

2. Teams and leaders will work together to build action plans based on survey results.

3. Beginning in January, leaders will monitor progress on their action plans and update their teams.

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