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Elevator etiquette is not just polite, it’s important

Patients and their loved ones always take priority when moving about the hospital.

At Asante, elevators involve more than just getting people from one floor to the next. They could be occupied by patients, many in vulnerable conditions, or they may be carrying distraught family members. These patients and loved ones deserve our respect and their privacy, and the people transporting them need to move quickly and unimpeded.

Here are some reminders about elevator etiquette .

  • For safety, employees should stand back from elevator doors to allow patients, family members and co-workers room to exit.
  • As a polite gesture, press the “open door” button if people are hurrying to catch the elevator.
  • Patients being transported always have priority. If you’re heading to a meeting or making your way to lunch, let patients and transport go first. You can take the next elevator or use the stairs if you can.
  • If you are already on the elevator, step off to allow a patient being transported first priority.
  • Please do not ask patients if you can join them on the elevator; this can put them in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Health care staff should never discuss any aspect of a patient’s care when other passengers are in the elevator.

Those transporting patients at ATRMC should use the back elevators because they are larger and provide greater clearance for the patients and their equipment.

“We want to thank you for all your hard work and your commitment to elevator etiquette and safety,” said Stephanie Seitz, who helps lead Asante’s onboarding team. “The work you do each and every day makes a difference, and we appreciate your dedication to excellence.”

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