COVID-19 update: What the rise in cases means

For now, the situation isn’t urgent but Asante is prepared to pivot if cases climb further.


With COVID-19 cases increasing nationwide and in the Rogue Valley, many are asking what that means for Asante. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is happening with COVID hospitalizations at Asante?

Like the rest of the country, Asante has noted an increase in hospitalizations over the past two weeks. These patients average in age from 70 to 75 and have not needed critical care services.

Will Asante require masks for COVID?

At this time, Asante is not requiring masking related to COVID-19 prevalence within the community or COVID-19 vaccination status.

  • Asante will not require masking related to COVID-19 vaccination status for fiscal year 2024.
  • Asante may call for “masks on” if there’s a rise in community prevalence of COVID, RSV or flu. (As in past years, employees who aren’t immunized against influenza will be required to wear masks once flu season is declared.)
  • Asante staff, patients, providers or visitors may wear a mask any time they feel comfortable as a means of source control.

Will Asante be offering the newest COVID booster?

The booster is not yet available to the public, however it could be available within the next several days. Hospitals will not be carrying the booster, but it will be available through APP clinics and local pharmacies.

Asante Quality is continuing to monitor the situation and, as we learned during the pandemic, we may need to pivot quickly depending on the situation. Currently, please review the Standard Precautions and Environmental Guidelines, wash your hands, stay home when ill and get your COVID-19 booster as soon as it is available.

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