Asante has style (and a guide to match)

Asante’s editorial guide governs everything from job titles to certifications. Here’s why it matters.

Is it “RRMC” or “ARRMC”? “September 12th” or “Sept. 12”? “And/or” or just “or”? Those questions may stump most employees, which isn’t surprising considering that punctuation places far below the important work of saving lives.

But for Asante’s Communications and Marketing team, those little details are a big part of the job. Because like clinical pathways and workplace behavioral standards, language consistency also is a hallmark of high-performing organizations.

To that end, Asante follows an editorial style guide, which governs everything from job titles (not capitalized — mostly) to entity names (should be prefaced with “Asante”) to what professional certifications can be published after an employee’s name (fewer than you think).

Asante’s guide is based largely on the Associated Press Style Book with some modifications and is a companion to Asante’s brand book.

The style guide was recently updated to include some new features:

  • A section on language inclusivity to reflect the diversity in our workforce, patient population and community.
  • A helpful appendix of Asante entities with addresses, phone and fax numbers.
  • Rules for web publishing, which differ slightly from the print guide.
  • A special “wayfinding” section that determines spelling and punctuation for signage.

Every poster, ad, booklet, brochure and system newsletter is edited according to Asante’s style rules to ensure brand and language consistency. This means capitalizing “ZIP code” but not “surgeon.” It means including “MD” but not “MBA” after a name.

“Admittedly, some of these rules may seem arbitrary,” says Shirleen Holt, senior internal communications specialist. “But the benefits of a language guide far outweigh its restrictions.”

Employees don’t need to know Asante’s style rules — that’s what Communications and Marketing is here for — but those who are curious may review the guide, which can be found by clicking on the image to the right or visiting the Marketing page on myAsanteNET.

Asante style guide

Click on image to open.

Why language matters
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  • This is very appreciated. Having worked a very short time at a local automotive dealership in their Marketing department, having a style and being consistent is great. You wouldn’t invite someone over prior to making sure your lawn was in tip top shape so why would have a website that looks terrible and disorganized? Thankfully, Asante does not. You can tell by the consistency and the words used someone puts a lot of time into manicuring the Asante brand/image. Asante puts out top quality material with what appears to be the same concern Apple uses in their branding. And we all know how Apple treats their brand!


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