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Stay safe out there

As winter approaches, so do icy weather safety hazards. Here’s how to prevent a crash or a spill.

Winter is coming, and along with it potential safety hazards like ice, snow and darkness. Asante Employee Safety wants to remind us to be cautious when driving and walking on our campuses.

Here’s how you can prevent a hazard from turning into an injury:

  • Wear boots or shoes with nonslip soles and good ankle support. If necessary, carry your work shoes with you and change inside.
  • Walk slowly with short steps.
  • When walking on an icy lot, or in any lot for that matter, make eye contact with an approaching driver. Stop if you think the driver doesn’t see you.
  • Stay to the sides of the lot and watch for cars.
  • Don’t talk on the phone or use headphones while walking in a parking lot.
  • Obey parking lot speed limits and lane designations — don’t cut diagonally across a lot.
  • Snow muffles engine sounds, so don’t rely solely on hearing to know if a vehicle is coming. Electric and hybrid vehicles are especially quiet.
  • When you’re driving out of a parking lot, adjust your seat, mirrors and set your navigation before you pull out of the parking space.

If you have any questions or spot potential hazards, contact employee safety manager Debra Flickinger.

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  • John Vermillion
    December 13, 2022 4:19 pm

    Just wanted to let everyone know that night shift security is watching the walk paths closely and using deicer if needed to remove ice. This area is between P2 garage to the hospital C entrance and ER.


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