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From job aids to ALEC modules, the Kronos team has developed a wealth of information to help you use Asante’s timekeeping and scheduling system.

kronosWe’re coming up on our five-year anniversary using the Kronos time and scheduling system. Since the initial implementation, we’ve added a lot of new functions and features, including the leaves module for tracking official leaves of absence (covered under FMLA, OFLA, ADAAA and workers’ compensation claims).

If you’re a newer employee, have recently taken on extra responsibilities within the Kronos system or have questions about how to perform certain tasks within Kronos, here are some resources that might help:

Job aids

There are over 80 job aids on myAsanteNET’s Kronos page. From the home page, click on the Kronos Workforce System link under the My Hospital News section at the left.

The job aids are split into expandable categories:

  • Advanced scheduling and extensions
  • Leaves
  • References for managers, schedulers and timekeepers
  • References for employees

The job aids include definitions, instructions and screen-shots to explain a wide variety of functions within the Kronos system. From reading your time card to submitting a time off request; adding schedule patterns, labor level transfers or work rule transfers; or requesting a new leave of absence. Most major functions in the system are covered in the job aids. We recommend setting the Kronos page as a favorite in your internet browser for quick access.

ALEC/HealthStream modules

In 2020 we started posting on-demand modules in the Asante Learning and Education Center (ALEC) system. These modules allow users to get training on the Kronos system through presentations they can work through at their own pace. Once a module is complete, the user can go back and reference the information at any time.

To find the Kronos modules, log into ALEC through the link in the Web-Based Apps folder on any Asante computer. Then click on the catalog tab at the top and search for Kronos on Demand.

There are currently seven series composed of multiple, shorter modules. Most modules can be completed within 30 minutes. Check out the Kronos on Demand ALEC Modules job aid for a full listing of the series and modules.


Because the Kronos system crosses so many different topics and functions, five different groups help out with the system and assist end-users. The Kronos Contact Information job aid lists those groups with their emails and phone numbers and provides tips for which group to contact for your particular question.

Employees can also reach out to their direct supervisor or manager with questions about their schedules, time off requests, missed-punch requests and time cards. If corrections are needed to the time card, record the information on the Daily Edit Log Sheet found in your department. That form is used by the supervisor, manager or department’s time editor to make the entries within Kronos and then is forwarded to the payroll team as back-up for why the change was made.

The Kronos system holds a wealth of information related to Asante’s workforce. We appreciate everyone’s help with ensuring that information is accurate, up-to-date and complete. This improves our accuracy with how employees are paid and provides better data for reporting purposes. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out.

What Kronos topics are you interested in learning more about? Submit ideas to Kr***********@As****.org.

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