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Lots of you took the Employee Voice Survey

Asante surpassed its PEAK target for participation!

SurveyResults of this year’s Employee Voice Survey are in and will be shared by department leaders to their teams in late October.

The good news is that participation reached 87%, well above the 80% target set for a PEAK incentive. If an incentive is paid out this year (that decision is always up to the Asante Board of Directors), all eligible employees will bank $100 for this measure.

More than 4,600 employees completed the 2020 survey, which gauges employee opinion on Asante as a place to work and helps guide leadership decisions. This year’s full survey drilled down to the department level so that manager can learn what’s working in a given department and what isn’t. Departments will develop action plans based on the responses.

Many departments, such as Human Resources, Quality Management and Nursing Professional Development, had 100% participation. Involvement was also high within APP and ITS.

The survey was open to all employees hired before June 1, except providers, who take a different survey. Volunteers, students and contractors were also excluded.

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