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Introducing the Asante Communication Center

AACH calls now route to a new centralized switchboard, bringing us one step closer to One Asante.


Beginning July 22, all incoming phone calls for the main number at Asante Ashland Community Hospital will be answered by a new centralized Asante switchboard.

Currently the Asante switchboard receives and answers incoming calls for both ATRMC and ARRMC campuses. In this first phase, the Asante switchboard will implement a new phone directory system, the phone “cutover” and scope of this project will be focused on answering all incoming calls in a centralized process. This transition should be very low impact and seamless to callers. With these positive changes, we are taking this opportunity to rename the department to better align and describe its functions. The new name is Asante Communication Center.

In evaluating the Asante Communication Center’s function and efficiency, we identified opportunities that would improve service to our community, patients and staff.

Operational advantages:

  • Supports “One Asante,” integrated delivery system
  • Operators are available 24/7 for all three hospitals
  • Faster call routing
  • Improved and consistent workflow
  • Offers a “one call does it all” approach

A second future phase will include:

  • Emergency code calls at ATRMC and AACH
  • Overhead paging at all three hospitals
  • Everbridge access at all three hospitals

This change will not affect Asante internal or external phone numbers.  A big thank-you to the Asante telecom team, Asante operators, Jenn Heie and Julie Hale!

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