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Family medicine provider Zia Choudury, MD, joins Grants Pass clinic

Learn more about Asante’s provider in this Q&A and video

Get to know Zia Choudhury, MD, a family medicine physician who recently joined Asante Physician Partners in Grants Pass.

What made you choose medicine?
My mom was a nurse, and my dad had a lot of health problems. Helping him check his blood pressure and blood sugars got me interested at a young age. As I got older, I wanted to help people. What I like about family medicine is that it gives you a unique opportunity to take care of someone through their entire lifespan.

What would you say your patients like best about you?
I talk to them in a way they understand, and I give them all the information they need to make health decisions that are best for them.

What are your medical interests or areas of expertise?
I earned a combined medical degree — a medical doctorate and a master’s in public health. One area I’m well versed in is non-medical approaches to diseases such as helping people improve their diet, getting more exercise into their routine and advocating for people with socioeconomic barriers. I try to be aware of all those things during patient visits.

What are your interests outside of patient care?
One of the reasons my wife and our dog, PJ, wanted to move here is because we’re very outdoorsy people. We love hiking, kayaking, skiing and being active. I also like soccer. I’m a huge Liverpool fan.

At the end of the day, what makes you say, “Today was a good day?”
It’s thinking back to patient interactions where they had the look or feeling that made me believe the patient felt heard and empowered. That the patient’s purpose for the visit was addressed, and they have the ability to overcome whatever issue is affecting them.

What is important to you when building a patient relationship?
The most important thing I try to bring to the table is seeing my patients as people first, to think of everything going on in their lives besides what’s in the exam room and approaching that whole interaction as a friend, confidante or adviser.

What can a patient expect from you when caring for them?
They can expect my full attention, honesty and a language they understand. I’ll present information, the
latest research and the best evidence to help them find a solution that best fits their needs and health care goals.

Do you have a certain philosophy or motto?
A phrase I tell myself is do the right thing and be as helpful as possible to the people around me.

What is something we’d be surprised to know about you?
As a teenager, I was on “Jeopardy.” I’m a big trivia guy.


Clinical focus
Family medicine for adults and children, HIV primary care, gender-affirming care


  • Medical degree and master’s in public health, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Residency, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian-Shadyside, Family Medicine

Asante Physician Partners–Family Medicine
520 SW Ramsey Ave., Grants Pass
(541) 472-7810

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