Health Care Week: #AsanteSTRONG

Asante wraps up its first on-site and online Health Care Week since the onset of the pandemic. Plans have begun for next year.

ATRMC’s day and night shifts were treated to special meals. Thursday night, staff enjoyed a catered meal, games and prizes, while Friday’s main event brought in the food trucks.

ARRMC had a huge turnout on Wednesday, with lines at each of the nine food trucks on hand to provide a complimentary meal. Staff spun the prize wheel, picked up a coffee card and a meal voucher and paused for photos.

Asante Ashland saw a downpour on Monday, but employees did manage to have a good time — winning prizes from the prize wheel and enjoying a complimentary food truck meal.


Employees spun the prize wheel on campus events and entered to win a random spin after the Let’s Talk forum. Here’s who won Asante Wear:

Kaiah Brondo AACH OB dept CNA/Unit secretary Vest
Kimberly Prowell AACH OB dept RN Microfleece jacket
Taisia Heyerman AACH OB dept RN Windbreaker
Nikola Moore AACH Med Surg CNA2 Windbreaker
Tiffany Blazer AACH Patient Registration Patient access rep Vest
Legend Ackley AACH Med Surg RN Microfleece jacket
Megan Hall-Glass AACH General Medicine Monitor tech Vest
Julie Cummings AACH Med Surg RN Windbreaker
Candy Spaulding Outpatient Rehabilitation Charge capture analyst Windbreaker
Joann Cassidy Risk Management Clinical risk analyst Windbreaker
Simone Villa APP–Neurology Medical assistant Windbreaker
Shannon Ulrey Cancer Center Clinic Clinical PSR Vest
Chandelle Torres ARRMC Nutrition Services Coordinator Windbreaker
Joey Harrington ARRMC Nutrition Services Food service worker Microfleece jacket
Rolinda Harvey APP Family Medicine CMA Vest
Maria Cortes De Blanco ARRMC Nutrition Services Food service worker Microfleece jacket
Laurie Zerger Guest Services Supervisor Windbreaker
Juli Peck ARRMC BHU Case manager Microfleece jacket
Monique Friesen ARRMC Short Stay Unit RN Vest
Ellie Franz Utilization Management Interpretation Services Coordinator Microfleece jacket
Sid Stollings Materials Management Print shop guru Windbreaker
Maria Barnes PCU RN Vest
Maura Mayerle Diabetes Education RN diabetes educator Vest
Melissa McGuire Resource Management Manager Vest
Debbie Preston NPD BLS Instructor Vest
Danny Tivis ARRMC EVS EVS Asst Windbreaker
Guadalupe Ortiz NICU RN Windbreaker
Ashley Meek Patient Registration Access rep, ED Windbreaker
Shane Montes ARRMC Emergency Room Monitor tech Windbreaker
Ben Grable Anesthesiologist Windbreaker
Lamont Johnson ARRMC EVS Floor specialist Vest
Alex Carmona ARRMC Lab Phlebotomist Vest
Letty Moriones ARRMC ICU RN Vest
Tiffany Stone ARRMC ICU RN Vest
Morgan Sheets ARRMC Maternal Child CNA2 Vest
Earl Coleta ARRMC Lab Med Tech Microfleece jacket
Stan John ARRMC NRT RN Traveler Microfleece jacket
Janelle Martinez ARRMC Lab Med Tech Microfleece jacket
Toni Fraley ARRMC Post Surgical RN Microfleece jacket
Bryan Rabanales ARRMC ER ES tech Microfleece jacket
Marion Bewley EVS EVS assistant Microfleece jacket
Mayra Vazquez-Ortiz EVS EVS assistant Microfleece jacket
Claudia Conchas EVS EVS assistant Microfleece jacket
Jane Dietz CTC Lab Med tech Windbreaker
John Machgan Medical Staff Services Medical staff specialist Microfleece jacket
Michael Gross Lab Courier Windbreaker
Robin Coonrod Heart Valve Clinic Heart valve coordinator Microfleece jacket
Cindy Dietz Cancer Center Rad Onc Staff assistant Windbreaker
Merilyn Edwards ATRMC EVS EVS assistant Microfleece jacket
Lucia Martinez ATRMC EVS EVS assistant Microfleece jacket
Vanessa Gallego Mendeola ATRMC EVS EVS assistant Microfleece jacket
Cesar Martinez ATRMC EVS EVS assistant Microfleece jacket
Jason Anderson ATRMC Surgery RN Microfleece jacket
Amanda David ATRMC Ortho-Neuro RN Vest
Danielle Lavassaur ATRMC Cardiac CNA2 Vest
Sarah Viale ATRMC Ortho-Neuro LPN Vest
Ashley Harlan ATRMC Ortho-Neuro CNA2 Vest
Nathan Jesse ATRMC Radiology Rad Tech Vest
Michelle Leahy ATRMC EVS EVS assistant Windbreaker
Katy Johns ATRMC EVS EVS assistant Windbreaker
Kimberly Ward ATRMC Sterile Processing SPS Tech Windbreaker
Glenda Fuller ATRMC Lab Phlebotomist Windbreaker
Lorraine Barros ATRMC OB RN Windbreaker
Chelsea Cooper APP–Endocrinology CMA Microfleece jacket
Julie Schandoney ATRMC Pharmacy Pharmacy Tech Microfleece jacket
Jessica Roberts ATRMC ED Patient Registration Supervisor Microfleece jacket
Benjamin Edwards ATRMC Nursing Resource Team RN Microfleece jacket
Lita Garcia ATRMC Family Birth Center Lactation consultant Microfleece jacket
Jennifer Marks ATRMC Patient Registration Supervisor Vest
Sherry Cowger ATRMC respiratory therapist RT Vest
Carol Stahl ATRMC respiratory therapist RT Vest
Kalina Michaels ATRMC respiratory therapist RT Vest
Katie Soares APP–Endocrinology Supervisor Vest
Jami Bender ATRMC Pharmacy Pharmacy clerk Windbreaker
Natasha Reece-Tinkham APP Endocrinology PSR Windbreaker
Jennifer Murphy ATRMC Pharmacy Supervisor Windbreaker
Michele Cull APP Coumadin Clinic Lab Service Rep Windbreaker
Arsenia Wolf ATRMC Outpatient Registration Supervisor Windbreaker


Thursday, May 12

Andrea Reeder, Kristen Roy, Dennie Conrad and Amanda Kotler shared what they have learned over the past two years and what made them stronger. Note: You must be logged into the Asante network to access this recording.

Tuesday, May 10

CEO Scott Kelly, Lee Milligan, MD, Somnath Ghosh, MD, and Holly Nickerson spoke and answered questions.

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3 Comments. Leave new

  • Debbie Daggett
    May 17, 2022 8:49 am

    A huge thank you to our leaders who understood how badly we all needed to be able to get together and celebrate again! It was so fun, and heartwarming, to see everyone laughing and smiling again! Thank you!! Well done!

  • Which food trucks were at ARRMC? There is one I wanted to re-visit, but I do not remember the name to look them up locally.

    • Avatar photo
      Shirleen Holt
      May 24, 2022 3:02 pm

      Hi Stephanie, here are the food trucks that were at ARRMC: Curbside King, Prickly Pear, Peruvian Point, The Melt, Chico’s Mexican, Earnest Baking Co., Rogue Sushi, Freddy Lee’s, Royal Coffee Truck.


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