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Give your communications the Asante polish

Automatically get Asante-branded options when you open a new file in Word or PowerPoint.

PowerPoint slide deck

Give your presentations, letters, memos and meeting minutes a professional look with Asante-branded templates. Communications and Marketing has been busy redesigning self-service letterhead, memos, slide decks and more to reflect Asante’s brand: “Community lives here.”

The aim is that everything Asante produces — both externally and internally — maintains our brand integrity.

“Our brand is like our signature or thumbprint, it is our unique identity,” explains Darlene Purdy, senior graphic designer and lead brand steward. “By using our new templates and Asante-branded items, all staff members can help support our brand identity and create a consistent experience across our system.”

To make these templates even easier to use, they’ve been added to Asante’s Word and PowerPoint file options.

templatesHere’s how it works:

  • Open Word and click New. You’ll find Asante templates for meeting agendas, memos, letterhead and more.
  • Open PowerPoint and click New to find 10 different designs for your presentations.

One thing to note: The digital letterhead should be used only for electronic documents. Letters that are printed and mailed should use Asante’s paper letterhead, which can be ordered as an office supply through Infor.

More tools online

Templates and other self-service resources are also available on the Communications and Marketing page on myAsanteNET.

There you’ll also find:

  • Five design options for video meeting backgrounds.
    White logo
  • Three Asante logo options: Blue, black and white. We just added the white reverse logo, which is perfect for use on dark or shaded backgrounds. (No more white box!)
  • Our brand colors, complete with Pantone and color codes you’ll need if ordering Asante-branded giveaways through Guest Services.
  • Guides for the Asante brand, logo usage and Asante Wear.
  • The Asante Style Guide, which covers job titles, certifications, facility names, punctuation and lots more.

You don’t need to memorize these guidelines — your marketing consultant can answer any questions you have — but it’s good to know our standards, right?

Upholding Asante’s brand integrity is a team effort. If your department’s printed materials date back to the era of wall phones and cassette players, please discard and reorder.

Asante note cards
Need an Asante card?

We’ve got lots of them, which you can browse and have your office order through the Mustard Press portal.

You’ll find:

  • Asante-branded thank-you, congratulations, sympathy, holiday and birthday notecards.*
  • Patient experience cards.
  • Business and appointment cards.

*The note cards have 25 different designs, which means you won’t have to send the same card twice.

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  • This is so cool. Thank you for setting this up! Personally, this will save a lot of time having the templates auto populate when I open Word or Power Point. Kudos Marketing!


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