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Five honored in touching 2022 Annual VIA ceremony

Winners of this year’s Annual Values in Action award brought their families and the gratitude of their co-workers.

Annual VIA 2022Values and character have no boundaries; they aren’t dulled by technology or physical distance. They are as vivid in the retelling as they are in the moment. This becomes apparent during the Annual Values in Action Award ceremony, which took place on Nov. 1.

Friends, family members, co-workers and leaders gathered online to celebrate the five winners of this year’s prestigious award, who were chosen by their peers.

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Beaming in from their homes and offices in Oregon and beyond, they described how each honoree’s values and character influenced a co-worker, a team or a department. And how each exemplify Asante’s Values of excellence, respect, honesty, service and teamwork.

AACH phlebotomist Justin Collins inspired a young, needle-phobic patient to become a phlebotomist herself.

VIA-winnersICU intensivist Michael Blumhardt, MD, a physician who worked at ARRMC’s ground zero during the height of the pandemic, awed his colleagues by his willingness to help at all times.

Nianna Allison, a radiation therapist at Spears Cancer Center, recognizes that the more challenging the patient, the more they need her compassion.

Maria Martinez works in ATRMC’s Environmental Services Department, and over her 17 years with Asante has become a new-employee greeter, an unofficial infection preventionist and the “heart and soul of our unit.” In describing her, one colleague was moved to tears. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve leaned on her.”

Patient access supervisor Vicki Johnson has set a standard for leadership, always leaving her staff feeling better about themselves and their work after talking with her.

The online format allowed family members from all over to attend. Dr. Blumhardt’s parents, Ralph and Grace, were there, along with his children and siblings, who said their brother was always caring and considerate of others.

Nianna Allison’s sister, Nacole Light, said Nianna would give up her jacket to a patient in need. Justin Collins’ aunt Jennifer, who called in from Texas, thanked Asante for recognizing her nephew and reminded the group that Justin is not only compassionate, but funny too.

Each of these winners received a personalized award, flowers, gift card, a charcuterie box and a special badge backer. They will be profiled individually in upcoming issues of Asante News.

Making this occasion even more special was Roy Vinyard, past and now interim CEO, who created the Values in Action program in 2001 and presided over the first annual VIA ceremony 20 years ago.

“I just want to say what an honor it is to have the five of you as part of our organization,” he told the assembled group. “Values are the foundation and the glue that holds our organization together as an outstanding place to deliver care and work. Thank you for being part of the Asante family.”

VIA by the numbers

2001: CEO Roy Vinyard, leaders and staff established the Values in Action program.

2002: The first Annual VIA celebration was held.

43: The number of nominations for this year’s Annual VIA award.

12,791: The number of VIAs given so far this year.

163,000: The number of VIAs given since the program started.

1: The number of blueberries that must be received in a year to qualify for the Annual VIA.

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  • Congratulations to the 2022 VIA award winners, Justin Collins, Maria Martinez, Michael Blumhardt, Nianna Allison, and Vicki Johnston.

    Thank you for truly making a difference at Asante.


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