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Escape artists captured at Asante Rogue Regional

Construction at ARRMC yields an adorable treasure.


It took a small army, quick reflexes and one very heavy glove, but three kittens were captured safe and sassy at the edge of a giant pit in front of Imaging at Asante Rogue Regional late last month.

The feisty felines had been eluding capture for about a week after they were first heard mewing under a construction trailer by Towne Park valets. Large underground diesel and water tanks were being removed to prepare for the new pavilion.

Imaging employees tried to coax out the kittens with tuna fish and Kibbles. When one mustered the courage, lead mammogram technician Megan Miles grabbed him.

“He was the tabby and the brave one and he was the meanest,” she says.

The other two remained stubbornly entrenched. Finally, Adroit construction workers used heavy equipment to lift the trailer high enough to get to the kittens — but they skedaddled, one dodging into a PCP pipe to hide. After some wrangling, workers from Imaging, Facilities and Adroit were able to corral the kittens into a tote for safe transport to their new homes.

“It was a team effort,” says Miles. “We all wanted to get them out of there.”

One of the construction workers, Johnny Price, took one home but is unable to keep him permanently (call him at (206) 992-1155 if interested). Jason Rehder and Aliya Brown, both with Facilities, adopted the other two and named them Samwise “Sammy Gamgee” and Thibodeau (“Tibby”).

Even Sammy, “the mean one,” settled down after Jason found his “sweet spot” under his chin, Aliya reported in an email to the rescuers.

“Jason’s like the cat whisperer,” Megan says with a laugh.

“They have come a long way from the terrified, shaking and hungry little bundles that we brought home,” Brown says. “They are healthy, growing and curious kittens who are becoming more comfortable every day.

“And on the plus side, Jason hasn’t been bit in over a week!”

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