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Kronos gets a(nother) new look

A recent update brought visual and functional changes to the timekeeping system.

If Kronos looks a bit different that’s because it was recently upgraded with changes to its design and layout in addition to menu adjustments and process flows. To help guide users through the changes, the Kronos team created two new job aids on myAsanteNET:

Along with these new documents, the team also posted revisions to most of the existing job aids for updated screenshots and functionality descriptions. After receiving feedback from some employees and managers, they’ve also done the following:

  • Split the Kronos page into separate expandable sections, based on the modules and target group.
  • Created new job aids for:
      • EE – Hourly Employee – Navigation & Layout in Kronos
      • EE – Exempt Employee – Navigation & Layout in Kronos
      • EE – Exempt Employee Timecards
      • Advanced Scheduling – Dept – Dept View
  • Revamped the “Employee Attestation Tasks” job aid to be two separate documents for “Missed Punch Requests” and “Timecard Review” (making it easier for employees to find the information on those topics).
  • Split out the “Dept – Basic Scheduler Tasks” and “Dept – Common Scheduler Tasks” into five separate job aids for more specific scheduling tasks.

If you have questions about the changes to the Advanced Scheduling Department View, email KronosScheduling. For questions about the other system changes, please email KronosPayroll.

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