Doing the right thing matters

If you have a good-faith concern, report it to Asante Compliance and Integrity.

Working at Asante, we make decisions every day that affect the organization. Before each decision, we consider the impact our actions will have on each other, our customers, our business partners, our community and Asante. Each of us has the power to make a difference.

There may be times when you see or hear something that doesn’t align with the law or our organizational Values. In those situations, please speak up. By reporting concerns to Asante Compliance and Integrity, you’re allowing Asante to identify and address problems. This helps building trust and transparency in our health care system.

Asante is committed to creating a safe environment for our employees to raise good-faith concerns and maintain culture of integrity. We’re also committed to providing a prompt, reliable and fair process for identifying and appropriately addressing any misconduct by our employees or others acting on our behalf.

When you report an issue in good faith, it means that you believe the information you’re reporting is accurate and truthful (even if that belief turns out to be mistaken). It is a violation of Asante policy to make an allegation you know or suspect is untrue.

If you just have a policy question, we encourage you first to refer to the policies and procedures on myAsanteNET or contact someone in your chain of command. Reach out directly to Compliance and Integrity if those resources do not give you the information you need.

What happens after I report a concern?

We take all reports of misconduct seriously and will promptly review and investigate when appropriate. Investigations are conducted with integrity, discretion and impartiality. Your concern is kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with a thorough investigation. We expect employees to cooperate fully in any investigation.

If you report a concern using the Compliance and Integrity hotline or web portal, you will be provided with a unique code. Please keep this code with you, so you can log into the website later to check the status of your concern or respond to follow-up questions we may ask.

Compliance and Integrity will make recommendations to leadership based upon findings of the investigation. We will conclude the investigation within 60 to 90 days. However, some cases may take longer if an issue is complex and requires major process or policy changes.

Resolving compliance and ethics issues often requires Compliance to partner with other departments such as Human Resources, Risk Management, Asante Physician Partners and others to investigate and resolve the concern.

How will I learn about the outcome of an investigation?

To the extent possible, Compliance and Integrity will notify the reporter about the conclusion and closure of the concern. However, in some cases we are unable to share detailed information about how the matter was resolved. For example, if Human Resources or a clinician group takes disciplinary action as the result of a compliance issue, the details of those actions will not be provided to the reporter.

What if I’m retaliated against for reporting a concern?

Asante has a strict non-retaliation policy. After reporting your concern, if you feel you have experienced retaliation, please contact Director and Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer Erick Edtl at er********@as****.org or (541) 789-4816.

Three ways to report
  1. Email us at Compliance or Privacy.
  2. Call the Compliance hotline, (866) 340-7788 or call Compliance directly at (541) 789-5104.
  3. Submit a question or concern online through myAsanteNET.
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