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Did you get caught in the phishing sting?

Some employees received an email purporting to be from Asante News.

As part of its routine security exercises, Asante Information Security recently sent out a false Asante News to catch unsuspecting clickers. Those who thought it odd that the newsletter arrived in their inbox at a strange time were smart to report it.

ASN phish

To tell a fake newsletter from the real thing, note these differences:

  1. The “from” field used a made-up email address. No internal newsletters are sent from “corp-internal.com.” Instead, the sender’s field will include the asante.org domain.
  2. The email contained a gray bar indicating it came from outside our system. Our employee newsletter does not have a warning.
  3. The fake newsletter was sent in November but the issue is dated Oct. 24.

Communications and Marketing sends Asante News on Tuesday mornings and never on a weekend or evening. On the rare occasion the newsletter publishes off-cycle, it will be labeled “Asante News alert” and be sent from the asante.org domain.

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