2022 Elements training now open

The mandatory courses not only feature more engaging content, you don’t have to wait until October to get started.


Elements, the annual employee training coursework, returns this year with a twist. Instead of all education modules being released in October, half of the 14 modules will be available beginning on July 15 and the second half in September.

Much of our training content is produced by our HealthStream partner, and it offers a more interactive and engaging approach to topics such as bloodborne pathogens, fire safety and so on.

The reasons for the changes are twofold: We wanted to give employees more time to complete all the Elements 2022 training before year’s end, and we wanted to split the training into HealthStream-produced content and Asante-authored content.

All coursework is still due by Dec. 31. Staff members will receive assignments via email to complete the modules in ALEC/HealthStream.

To locate the Elements modules, go to ALEC (HealthStream) in the Web Based Apps folder on your desktop. Elements modules also should appear on each employee’s “My To-Do List” screen, or it can be found by clicking on the “Catalog” link and searching for “Elements.”

All Asante’s active workforce must complete Elements training. “Workforce” is defined as all Asante employees (including those who work part-time, on-call or on a temporary basis) as well as contracted workers, volunteers and students.

As a reminder, leaders can monitor their direct reports’ progress with the required Elements training. When they log in, leaders will be taken to a page called the “My Team Dashboard,” which will display all training assigned to their staff members along with due dates and completion status. This will give leaders the ability to track required training for employees at a glance.


Available July 15

  • Bloodborne pathogens and standard precautions
  • Tuberculosis and standard precautions
  • Life and fire safety
  • Care delivery for cultural competence
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Recognizing stroke
  • Oxygen cylinder safety

Available Sept. 15

  • Compliance
  • HIPAA, privacy rule
  • Harassment in the workplace
  • Bullying in the workplace for staff
  • Information security
  • Drug diversion
  • Using Midas+ to report patient safety events
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