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Asante has all the pieces in place for broad vaccination

The governor broadened eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccinations to those 16 and older beginning April 19.


With supplies still arriving steadily, vaccinations are now open to all Oregonians 16 and older. The Community COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic is prepared for the influx. It is now administering 1,000 vaccinations every day between its two locations in Medford and Grants Pass, which operate on weekends. UPDATE: After May 1, the Grants Pass location is no longer giving first doses.

Going forward, only the Pfizer vaccine will be given, said Doug Ward, who leads operations for APP. Moderna is available for second doses only. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which was never distributed by Asante, is on pause based on an April 13 direction from the CDC and FDA.

Even before Oregon Gov. Kate Brown loosened eligibility requirements, Asante has steadily ramped up capacity. APP brought on an additional 18 people to answer 50 phone lines for scheduling appointments. It also added direct scheduling and advance check-in through MyChart.

Asante continues to play a major role in Southern Oregon’s immunization efforts. Of the 62,000 Jackson County residents vaccinated, 52,000 received their doses from an Asante vaccination clinic or a mass-vaccination event staffed by Asante employees.

“We made a decision to rely on APP’s resources, expertise and skills to do that, and it’s gone great,” said Jamie Grebosky, MD, chief medical officer. “I’m so proud of the organizational effort that made this happen.”

Plans are in the works to direct patients of APP’s Medford primary care clinics to the vaccination clinic as part of their visit. If successful, that will roll out to APP primary care clinics in other communities.

Still undetermined is when children under age 16 will be able to get the vaccine. Pfizer has requested an emergency use authorization from the FDA for youths age 12 to 15.

Asante employees who receive both doses of the vaccine, and attest through MyChart, may be eligible for a $200 bonus. Since the COVID CASH incentive was announced in early April, nearly 2,000 employees have attested to their immunization status to receive the bonus, which will appear on their paycheck on Friday. The incentive program runs through June.

Schedule an appointment through MyChart:
  • Log in to your Asante account.
  • Click on Menu.
  • Click on Schedule an Appointment.
  • Choose Immunization.
  • Follow the prompts to schedule your appointment.

For faster check-in, use your MyChart app to check in before your appointment. If you don’t have a MyChart account, register here.

Go online:
  • Visit and choose Schedule Now.
Call us:
  • Dial (541) 789-2813, Option 2 (Option 3 for Spanish)

REMEMBER: Even if vaccinated, all employees must wear a mask and practice physical distancing within Asante facilities, including conference rooms and break rooms.


Help Asante learn more about employees’ vaccination status and preferences.

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