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Asante Ashland expands telehealth options

Patients with diabetes, heart failure or pulmonary conditions can get expert care from nurse navigators.

AACH patients can now receive an enhanced level of service via telehealth technology. Specialized nurse navigators are presently using Teledoc mini robots to provide timely and effective patient assessment and communication with caregivers, patients and family members. This new service adds to our current use of telehealth for infectious disease, behavioral health, ICU intensivist consults and ortho neuro consults in the ED.

The new navigator services are available for heart failure, diabetes and pulmonary conditions. They provide education, care coordination and post-discharge case management using virtual face-to-face connection to evaluate patients so they may be treated quickly. Patient and family education is improved through this real-time, person-to-person exchange.

“We expect that virtual face-to-face discussion with navigators will help patients overcome barriers to successful post-discharge care,” says Steven Hersch, MD, hospital administrator and vice president of Medical Affairs.

Dawn Wipf, director of Resource Management and Katie Younkin, director of Project Management and Strategy Implementation, helped bring these services to fruition.

Rebecca Luce is the pulmonary navigator, Kristi Lambert specializes in diabetes navigation, and Kristi Schmerbach and Alicia Rufener partner in providing heart failure navigation.

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