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Accessing interpreter services just got easier

A new app on clinical mobile devices offers language interpretation with a tap.

Asante now has an application for clinical mobile devices that connects you to a video or audio interpreter whenever you need it. The program went live Sept. 26.

interpreter appUsing the CyraCom app on an Asante clinical device, you just select the language needed and Asante’s interpreter service provider does the rest.

The video remote interpreter carts in our clinics and hospitals presently offer this application, but not all Asante sites have access to mobile devices.

Use of an Oregon-registered interpreter is required by state law. However, there are some exceptions:

  • If the patient declines the use of an interpreter offered by Asante and prefers to use a family or friend instead. This must be documented in the patient’s chart.
  • If the patient’s provider is verified as proficient in the patient’s preferred language, use of an Oregon-registered interpreter is not required. Documentation must reflect that the provider was able to communicate in the patient’s preferred language.
  • In an emergency or when no state-registered interpreter is available, the patient’s accompanying family or friends or an Asante bilingual staff member can be used. However, the documentation in the patient’s chart must reflect a good-faith effort to find a state-approved interpreter, exhausting all available modalities and resources.
Translation and interpretation services

In addition to the new mobile app, Asante Resource Management offers clinicians and their patients a variety of choices to meet their translation and interpretation needs for more than 40 languages.

There are four modalities available for interpretation services:

  • In-person Spanish at ARRMC and certain APP clinics (limited to certain days and hours).
  • Over-the-phone interpretation, or “OPI,” 24/7.
  • Video remote interpreting carts, or “VRI,” also available around the clock.
  • CyraCom application on clinical mobile devices.

We also translate documents in more than 200 languages.

Documentation of interpreter services is critical

Asante is required to document the use of state-registered interpreters in our patient interactions. If you use an interpreter provided by Asante, you must document the following information in the patient’s chart:

  • The name of the Oregon-registered health care interpreter.
  • The health care interpreter’s Oregon registry number.
  • The language interpreted.
Multilingual staff members can use their language skills at work

Asante is fortunate to have staff members who speak other languages. To support those who want to use their skills to communicate with our patients, we offer language proficiency tests so that they can use that skill at work.

A staff member’s language proficiency must be assessed and verified by Asante if they wish to use a language other than English when communicating with our patients in their job role. These employees can be used only when no other option is available.

We are happy to speak to any staff member who wants to learn more about becoming a health care interpreter.

Need a clinical mobile device?

Call Asante ITS at (541) 789-4141 or make a request through myTECH.

Asante Interpreter Services

Our team is here to help. Contact us for:

Coordinating in-person interpreters for patient appointments.

Facilitating document translation.

Cultural advocacy and resources for the Latino and deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

We can be reached at (541) 789-4268 or email Ryan LaBonte.

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