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A thank you to health care’s unsung heroes

Social workers work behind the scenes, but their contribution to patient care is vital.


In the past month alone, Asante Physician Partners’ social workers have touched the lives of over 428 patients, received more than 180 referrals and responded promptly to 33 emergency referrals. These emergencies are often situations in which a person is at severe risk for harm.

It can take between two and five years to become a fully licensed clinical social worker, which requires 3,500 hours of supervised clinical social work. They use their skills and expertise to promote good mental and physical health, strengthen relationships, and end generational cycles of trauma and substance use, ultimately creating healthier families and communities.

Our hospital social workers also make invaluable contributions to our multidisciplinary teams. Their supportive presence and skilled interventions are crucial in providing quality patient care. These social workers have been on-site throughout the pandemic, providing support and resources. Patients, families and staff have benefited from social workers’ attention to complex resource needs and overall wellness.

Asante recognizes the hard work our social workers have done, especially in recent years, from the cascading hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to counseling those who lost everything in the Almeda fire. Our social work team has shown up for their patients, their community and Asante as a whole. We also recognize and are humbled by the work they will continued to do as the need for behavioral health support in the Rogue Valley grows.

With all our community has experienced, the time is truly right for social work. We are grateful for our social workers who take the time to listen to those in need. Their empathy and resilience are inspiring, and we are thankful for the commitment and passion they bring to Asante.

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