A new year means a new Personalized Wellness Plan

Don’t miss out on the Asante Healthy Living incentive — complete your two-step process online.

Asante’s Healthy Living Incentive program is an easy way to earn big bucks toward your medical expenses — while helping you become a better you.

Asante employees and their spouses covered by the Asante Health Plan have access to a range of health and wellness benefits, plus resources for work-life balance, chronic-condition management and more.

“Navigating these things alone can be like traveling without a road map,” says Alisia Cook, an Asante certified health educator. “We’re eager to help you understand all that’s available to you.”

The incentive comes in two parts, which must be completed every calendar year:

  • Schedule a brief phone or video call with an Asante health educator to develop a Personalized Wellness Plan.
  • Complete the online health assessment.

The 10- to 15-minute appointment can be scheduled in MyChart. Tap Menu, then Schedule an Appointment, then Personalized Wellness Plan. You can choose among any of Asante’s health educators.

To take the online health assessment in MyChart, tap Menu, then Questionnaires, then Healthy Lifestyle Assessment.

Once you complete these two steps, the incentive (summarized in the table below) is deposited into your Health Equity account and can be used for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Asante’s health educators are also available to meet online with you and your work team to go over all the health incentives available to Asante employees.

“We show your team a short, four-minute video that reviews the different ways to earn your incentives, and the wonderful resources and tools that are part of the benefitted Healthy Living Incentive plan for the year,” Cook says. For a team visit, email Asante Health Promotion and ask for an appointment.

HSA chart

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  • Is there an easy way to look up what we have been paid out for Healthy Living Activities for each individual on the plan (myself and spouse). It would be helpful to those to know if they have completed it or not.

    • Hi Paula,

      You can see which activities have been completed on the Regence Empower portal. If you are still unsure, you can log in to your health equity account to see how much you have earned year to date. Keep in mind it will take up to 4-6 weeks in order to see the contribution enter your health equity account upon completion of an incentivized activity. If something doesn’t look correct then we encourage you to open a ticket with the HR team to connect the missing pieces.

      -Tessa (Health Promotion Team)

    • Hi Paula! You can sign into your HealthEquity online account to see what monies have been credited to your account. 🙂

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the comment on this. We will send you a separate email with information.


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